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  1. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Gary Hoey - 2013-12-08 - Middletown, NY (Audience FLAC) Artist: Gary Hoey Date: 2013.12.08 Location: Middletown, NY Venue: Brian's Backyard BBQ & Blues Source: Aud Lineage: CA-14 omni-directional mics -> CA-9100 pre-amp -> 6" custom GAKables mini star quad cable -> Sony PCMM10 (Line In)...
  2. Member Created Backing Tracks
    I've been looking for Hocus Pocus by Focus, the Gary Hoey version forever on the web. I finally found a site that has it, but it isn't free. There is a sample of the backing track I want and it sounds great. Anyway have any info on this site? Backing Tracks For Guitarists I don't mind...
  3. Music Hall
    Can you sugest a bunch of songs that are not commonly knowed for our joy? It doesnt matter if its a knowed song in your circles but give em a chance to be listened by diverse forumers. It also doesnt matter if its a very knowed band, but try to say a song that is not knowed, like METALLICA, its...
  4. Music Hall
    G3 is always an exciting experience for myself, and im sure, many other people here at G101. Obviously the big mystery is who are going to be the guitarists in the roster for the tour. Since there is probably going to be another G3 tour soon, i figured that it would be nice to have a little...
  5. Requests
    Can you do me a big favor and create backing tracks for the following songs?: TOOL: SOBER & PRISON SEX ERIC JOHNSON: CAMELS NIGHT OUT & ZAP JOHN PETRUCCI: CURVE STEVE MORSE: TUMENINOTES, CRUISE CONTROL (D.DREGS) IRON MAIDEN: the whole 7TH SON OF A 7TH SON album pleeeeaaseee...!!! and...
  6. Music Hall
    On my way to work, the guitarist Gary Hoey was playing live on the morning radio show I listen to. Man this guy can tear it up. I've heard a few songs by him before, can't remember the names? I'm not saying his music is exactly my cup of tea, but he's as good a player as anyone else though he's...
  7. Monthly MP3 Contest
    I'm sure this tune has been covered a time or two. i know that Gary Hoey did it once and Stu Hamm has a killer version as well. I played all guitars on this track and the BT was a MIDI file that I rendered with SoundFonts. I'd like to rework this song sometime but this is well enough for now...
  8. Music Hall
    Yes people, both of these great guitarists are coming to my homeland (Singapore) to heat things up! Last year was a blast for fellow guitarist Steve Vai. This year it's PG's and NB's turn! :rock: Gilbert: July 9th Nuno: June 13th
  9. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Just felt like playing along to a midi.
  10. Monthly MP3 Contest
    Hello. Im new in this kind of contests, it seems to be a cool place to show my music. Tons of great musicians around. My song is about a dark side of me. I wrote this song when i was having a hard time on my life and this had a strong impact on me. Everything changed for me since that moment...
  11. Music Hall
    I remember a friend of mine had a big collection of Mike Varneys Artists on Shrapnel records. One guy stood out to me and I can't remember his name. He was very satch like and I believe he built his own guitar. this must have been around 1985-87. Any Ideas?
  12. Music Hall
    Guitar One magazine has published a list of the "Top 10 Shred Albums of All Time" in its February 2005 issue. According to the magazine's editors, "arpeggio for arpeggio, these 10 albums strike the finest balance between tasteful melody (ahem) and 'no way did he just play that!'" Guitar One's...
  13. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Here's one I did by Gary Hoey. I don't have the tab for this so I played it by memory(what little memory I have left). I improvised most of the end part so it's probably not right but this is a fun tune to play. I played everything(not the drum loop). Enjoy! :icon_peac
1-13 of 33 Results