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  1. MP4 Videos
    Hi folks, Check out this Top100 entry for Guitar Idol III 2011 competition. Cheers
  2. Buy and Sell
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  3. Battle Challenges
    I'm new to the site and don't get guitar battles at all. :ne_nau:Can someone please explain it to me? Thanks.
  4. Battles Main
    i'm very happy with my verison. i used my kramer foucus 6000 line6 spider II amp and cakewalk for recording software. Best of Luck To Wayward_Son This is gonna be a good one
  5. Battles Main
    here it is i had to make a soundclick page for our songs because i couldnt upload it here , anyway this is surley a battle of the heavyweights we both did great both versions easy as good as vais best of luck to ya vai yours was real good heres mine...
  6. MP3s - Originals
    I originally made this instrumental for a 101 guitar battle but the battle never came to fruition so I thought Id post it up here so it hopefully gets a listen. It was raining a lot when I put this one down so it had a melancholy vibe to it. Straight from the heart and recorded in a single...
  7. Battle Challenges
    I've learned the money solo and I've already recorded my track. All you gotta do is challenge me. You can get the track here at just find the song money on the list, and download it. I have never battled before so this is my first time so please if you can...
  8. Battle Challenges
    Alot of you know I've recently been promoted to moderator. I've also been asked to help Beka4MikE out here in the battle forum. I know due to some recent events in the last few weeks that some of the regular battlers here have refrained from taking and offering challenges and have voiced their...
  9. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys, was playing for my family get together a little while ago and i got a lotta things about how they are amazed that I am 100% Self Taught, and it made me wonder, who here is self taught, has never gone to lessons somewhere to be taught how to play guitar? I am totally self taught, and...
  10. MP3s - Originals
    this is a little piece i did one day while my wife (now ex) and her kid were watching tv in the other room, so its kinda quiet. i never wrote this or had practiced the progression or anything before. i just hit record, and let it flow. 1 rythm track and 1 lead track (total 2 takes on the second...
  11. Battles Main
    Hello, This is an All Guitar battle, no BT, No Bass, No Drums, Nothing but Guitar. I had a lot of fun with this one, good luck Chris. Ciao, Joe
  12. Battle Challenges
    Hey El Jalepeno, green pepper boy! Was wondering if you would be up for a guitar battle? You and me pal. One on one, head to head, put your money where your mouth is green pepper boy! I'm open to pretty much anything - Blues, Metal, Classical, Jazz ect. The only thing I would ask is that...
  13. MP3s - Originals
    Cormack inspired me with his way cool slide guitar song "Red Rooster" that I had to prove to myself that I can still play slide guitar. I put this little piece together this morning. Gotta hit the road tomorrow :wutblau: There are 2 separate acoustic tracks, one left and one right. Then the...
  14. Battles Main
    Original song battle. Mine is a tune I have been toying with doing for a while and finally recorded. One shot solo, as always. Me on guitars and bass. Thanks Nroberts for taking the challenge. I want to see how it goes withour the posting restriction on voting, Good Luck!!!!!!
  15. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hi guys, here is my cover of Echo by Satriani, from his master piece Surfing With The Alien album. I've gone back to my old setting for this track, i think Satch used a touch of Chorus on the original, and abit more when played live, but i didn't. My cover is halfway between the studio and live...
  16. Battle Challenges
    Here is a fast shuffle that was a LOT of fun for me. I'll battle the first one ready. I got mine recorded so you don't need to worry bout me backing out...
1-16 of 233 Results