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  1. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Ok, so not to let anyones secrets out of the bag, but a certain guitar tech for a certain guitarist told me that to get a certain tone recording and live that he and the guitarist wired the amps for 2 Ohms, and in turn this turned out causing super compression and becoming a big part of the...
  2. Lessons and Tab
    Hybrid picking guitar technique riffs Hybrid Picking Guitar Riffs
  3. Requests
    Hey Guys, new here........Great Site... Ive heard alot of backing tracks, and some of them are even authentic(the real thing from the real band) like a few of the Metallica tracks that i have. My question is- Where can you get these "real tracks"? Is it even possible to get the un-mixed tracks...
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    I forgot who asked me to do this... but I had a request to rip audio from YouTube and create an album for this series of live Brian Setzer recordings. All the video was posted by Straymouse - Thanks. I used Photoshop CS3 and images found on the web. Quote by Straymouse: "Brian Setzer visited...
  5. Music Hall
    Is it me or is there WAY too much Van Halen posts on here? go to bootlegs, theres a specific section for just Van Halen posts. It's kind of ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, Van Halen is an awesome band, but there is just way too much of their stuff on here. Frankly I think some people just put it...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    Do you install the string with the ball end on a edge\floyd rose style bridge or do you cut it off ? I hate changing strings. I'll break a string and simply switch guitars, but sooner or later ,,,I'm stuck changing strings on multiple guitars. I miss my guitar tech.
  7. Gear Photos
    this is my latest guitar.sounds great too
  8. The Guitar Rack
    Hi, everyone. I’m new here, and just restarted playing electric guitar. I have a couple of questions for all the guitar-playing experts here. For quite a while, I haven’t been able to find any satisfactory answers.:icon_frow When a professional guitarist is performing live on stage, how does...
  9. Music Hall
    This guy has to be one of my favourite guitarists of the moment. I love his voice, songwriting and his tone and playing style is really cool!! Has anyone else heard of this guy? Anyone like his music as well? Thanks! steve
  10. The Guitar Rack
    Is it hard to tune a guitar with a floyd rose or am i just dumb?
  11. The Guitar Rack
    I know, people think I'm crazy but I plan on switching out my fixed bridge for a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo. I know where I'm routing and drilling but can anyone tell me how and where exactly to anchor the springs? Any help you have is greatly appreciated. Sincerely yours, WarlockLover
  12. Lessons and Tab
    ok now new the end of the arpeggios in the begginning of the song theres this.... |-------3---------------3-------|----3-----3-(3)--------------------|| |-1---1---1---1-1-----1---1---0-|-0----0---------0-----0---0-------o||...
  13. The Guitar Rack
    i have a olp mm1 floyd rose guitar and its seem that the ernie ball guitar action is way lower is there something i can do when i lower it to keep from some frets buzzing
  14. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys I've had a bit of a problem with my strat in the last month or so. I for whatever reason have a high E string being very very sharp I think one could describe it as, It seems to barely ring and when it does its very very dull/thing sounding and it seems that my low E string is very...
  15. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys I had some questions about modding guitars. As for the first thing I just bought a new humbucker pickup and am wondering is it hard to wire them? Granted I've only wired a tone knob which in itself is beyon easy , then again only requires two wires. I would take it to my guitar tech but...
1-16 of 152 Results