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  1. MP4 Videos
    Make You Feel My Love. Written by Bod Dylan in 1997. This song is dedicated to all my family and friends. And also to all peoples that do not have anybody to express their love and devotion to.
  2. Home Recording
    Hey Guys, I'm in desperate need of help here. My name's Justin and I'd like to produce videos like these: Ideally... I want to do this I want to record a video of me playing both the rythm and lead...
  3. Home Recording
    Jump to the IMPORTANT PART if you don't like to read. So I dug up my old M-Audio MobilePre USB to do some home recording. Computer (running Windows 7 64-bit) is connected by USB to the MobilePre, and the MobilePre stereo line out is going to my JBL Creature speakers. Next, I'm trying to record...
1-3 of 5 Results