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  1. Requests
    Hi guys, Anyone have "jamies cryin" by Van halen? Thanks!
  2. Music Hall
    I grabbed a Van Halen is labeled as Vh live in USA with David Lee Roth..jupiter 1..........I know it was shot in southern california...sounds like he say's hello glenn ellen regional park..Eddie is wearing red and white bib overalls...stripped like charvel guitar... songs in order...
  3. Gear Photos
    My cool guitar:woot:
  4. Music Hall
    I hope nobody did this thread yet. So whats the song that you weren't really a fan of at they beginning but can'ty stop listening to now? Me personally have to say Feel Your Love Tonight. (You must be thinking you didnt like that song and i know what was i on?)
  5. Music Hall
    hey guitarists what do you think the easiest & hardest vh solos are and for keyboarders what do you think the easiest and hardest vh songs to play are?
  6. Music Hall
    This is tough, but I''l say Feel Your Love. It has that swingin feel! Opinions?
  7. MP3s - Originals
    DOWNLOAD MP3 of Van Halen song idea by Roseville, Minnesota rock guitarist James Limborg. James Limborg wrote this in 1989. Whenever James Limborg picks up a guitar, he always plays an Eddie Van Halen song! Eddie Van Halen has been a huge influence on James Limborg's guitar playing...
  8. Backing Track Managers
    Here You All Go. Lots Of Van Halen Backing Tracks For You! This one is "Jamie's Crying"
  9. Music Hall
    Take it for what it is worth but WRIF here in Detroit has been saying all day that they are hearing that there is going to be a press conference either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week with the band and Sammy to announce the reunion. They have been talking about the reunion...
  10. Music Hall
    on my way to work this morning and jamies cryin is jammin.after the song the dj says " dont be surprized if at the superbowl warm up party that the man himself evh joins sammy an mike onstage for a mini reunion". that would be very cool but I wont hold my breath. only time will least...
1-12 of 17 Results