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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Alice in Chains 2013-09-19 Cidade do Rock Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Length: 59 Minutes Source: SBD Quality: Excellent/A+ Them Bones Dam That River Hollow Check My Brain Again Man in the Box Nutshell Rain When I Die We Die Young Stone Down in a Hole Would? Rooster Link...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    July 9, 2010 Bilbao BBK Live Broadcast Setlist: Rain When I Die Them Bones Dam That River Again Check My Brain Your Decision Love, Hate, Love We Die Young Acid Bubble Nutshell Man in the Box Would? Rooster (with Mike McCready)...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Slash's 43rd birthday Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas 2008.07.23 01- Billy Gibbons & Slash - La Grange (Live) 02- Fergie & Slash - Sweet Child O' Mine (Live) 03- Fergie, Jerry Cantrell, Perry Ferrell & Slash - Paradise City (Live) 04- Will.I.Am, Perry Ferrell, Fergie & Slash - To Kill A Man...
  4. Music Hall
    a number of highly talented guitarist have risen to fame lately. who do you think will stand the test of time and become the next generation's Jimmy Page or Tony Iommi? back up your vote with a reason/explanation.
  5. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    What else can you say? Alice In Chains guitar god Jerry Cantrell. MAN!! OH!!! MAN!! can't wait for the new AIC album in 2008 Anyway ENJOY TO THE MAX!!! :cool: D/L--> 01 - Devil By His Side 02 - No Excuses 03 - My Song 04 - Satisfy 05 - Got Me...
  6. Bootleg Requests
    I have a few Alice In Chains bootlegs, but I'm looking for any of guitarist extraordinare Jerry Cantrell performances. Thanks!!! :wink:
  7. Gear Photos
    Hi, I've always had a problem getting a good tone. I don't have a great gear, I got a Ibanez Jem 55 Bk , a Line 6 SPIDER III 15 ( which is not a very good amp) , a BOSS DST-1, EVH PHASE 90 and a BOSS BF FLANGER 3...that's all I got beside some cables xD ... I dunno how to get a good tone I tried...
  8. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Alice In Chains 2006-05-18 West Hollywood, CA The Roxy Theater Taper: Distortion Source: Danish Pro Audio 4061s > Danish Pro Audio MPS6020 > Sony SBM-1 (Todd Mod, SPDIF Out) > M-Audio Microtrack 2496 (SPIDF In @ 16/48) Transfer: M-Audio MicroTrack 2496 > USB 2.0 > Sound Forge 5.0 (fades) > .WAV...
  9. Music Hall
    any fans of aic and Jerry Cantrell out there? They were the best of the bunch to come out of Seattle imo. I can't wait to see whats in store from them this summer. Who do you think should sing in place of Layne?:devilchil
  10. Music Hall
    So the 90's are known as the decade that killed shred. Grunge took over , blah blah blah. But some gems still surfaced. Who was your favorite and or most inflential guitarist to come out in the 90's. Mine is John Petrucci.
1-11 of 60 Results