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joan jett
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  1. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    I would like to thank Sky for asking me to collab on this with him...I had such fun singing this tune...He did everything and I just added vocals..He did a kick ass job I might say!!!..:thumb: .. Thank you again Sky...
  2. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    I had the pleasure of working with Scott(da cova man)again!!!....Thank you Scott for asking me to collab yet again!!..You kicked ass on this tune!!!....Yes i did Quiet Riot!!...Cows are Flying...The moon is made of did it a bit differently....Kinda Grungy...Enjoy everyone!!:rock:
  3. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hi guys me and jimbo did this tune for fun,,,and man it was a blast..Jimbo ofcourse did the guitar,,and the killa solo!!!!..I myself did the vocals....Hope you guys enjoy and boogie down!!!,,,Thanx again jimbo was fun!!!
  4. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hope u enjoy as much as i did!!
  5. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Did some real impromptu clips this weekend if ya want to hear the PODxt 2.0 into the Atomic Amp... Details here on my site... If your not familiar with the Atomic, check it out...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    here is my list of top 10 worst guitarists...... 1. kurt Kobain( started shit grunge and ruined shred and hard rock guitar for awhile in the music scene and cant play guitar alone himself in my book) 2. ace frehley( sad when you forget your own solos and Tommy Thayer has to remind and...
121-129 of 129 Results