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  1. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hi all Tried to get the 12 string sound via FX but was never happy with the result. I always wanted a 12 string so this track gave me an excuse to buy one. With Johnny Lokke on vocals you can't go wrong :) here's the result. Wanted Dead or alive (Bonjovi Classic) Stay cool :icon_thum Bully
  2. Music Hall
    Hey all: Been locked up tight working on CD number 5, and I'm getting ready to release a video for a new song dedicated to all my friends called "Wrecking Crew". The video will feature pictures of friends I've made from all over the world, and I'd like all of you (that want to get your 15...
  3. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Did this a while ago with the infamous 'Halfordesque' Johnny Lokke. This was a patch on my PODxt I'd been working on; lees distorted than most of the patches I've heard but my Wolfgang makes it growl. Live ending as well as original fades out. Apologies for the silly beginning...I like to feck...
  4. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Die With Your Boots On is an Iron Maiden song that, to my knowledge, is seldom covered. It’s from the Piece of Mind album. This song is the ideal terrain for a merciless dual guitar attack, so EJ and I wanted to really turn the wick on this amazing original, so as to bring it into this century...
  5. Monthly MP3 Contest
    I did this a while back with Johnny Lokke, but I figured I needed to whip out the big guns if I was going to be rubbing shoulders with the rest of you kick ass players! Due to download issues, you can pull the tune from the below link as well:
  6. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Since getiing the new 7 string I've KoRn krazy! Here's an old one I always liked. I made the BT from a midi and then did the guitars and vocals. Hope you like it. :icon_peac
  7. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    This is my latest classic Priest cover. I share the rhythm and lead fills with my long time friend Patrick. I'm on one track panned, Patrick is on another panned track. Patrick also plays the solo. Patrick also made the drum and bass track. Johnny Lokke is on vocals. I love Johnny's awesome...
  8. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Did this one a few months back with Johnny Lokke. I was trying to get Steve, the singer in our band Black Rose, interested in doing a version...he and the bass player Kiko, were killing themselves laughing at the notes Steve was trying to hit! LOL! :thumb:
  9. The Jam Room
    ive made a SCORCHING backtrack of give me all your love by whitesnake as played by my idol John Sykes. I need the right voice to sing it, who do you think can pull off a good coverdale rendition ? BD
  10. Battles Main
    another classic solo good luck macman01 I think macman01 might have something here with battles on solos going on, after all its what we as guitarists mainly listen to in songs and theyr short and sweet here's my version which stays fairly close to the original but has a bit of me innit :)...
  11. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hey everyone, been a long time since I posted anything. As soon as I finished this one up, Janelle said MRS SC would be perfect for the vocals, and I couldn't have agreed more. Thanx Karmen, you really nailed this! :bowdown: And thanx Matt for a perfect mix! I've been a huge Ratt fan for years...
  12. Music Hall
    Just wanted to let folks know that I've just finished (well, very nearly!) updating my website and there are now 25+ tracks in the MP3 section including contributions with/from: Johnny Lokke Roy Bratbakken Synthz Suliwan 3fingers J-Mart Dannyboy phil28uk Doctor Code chris guitar Black RoseI...
  13. Battle Challenges
    Priest battle anyone? I have Another Thing comin' and Electric eye both with vocals from Johnny Lokke and Hellbent with VanMan on vox.
  14. The Jam Room
    There is a truckload of music that we cover here on 101 and it would be so helpful to know who amongst the membership is a keen singer and importantly, willing to receive submissions by mail and grace them with vocals. When I have a completed tune I try my best to match said tune to a...
  15. The Jam Room
    Im posting this firstly to ascertain how many members will be interested in taking part in this thread. What I am looking folks who join in here to do is as follows : a) Select a song that was written in the 1980`s , can be any genre b) Record that song and either sing it yourself or...
  16. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Not to be a repost whore, but I figured this was worth posting since I didn't see much Priest around lately. Here's to the Heavy Metal Gods! I did the guitars, Johnny Lokke totally nailed this tune with the vox, and PG was kind enough to supply the BT :thumb: The vocals totally make this...
  17. Monthly MP3 Contest
    Hey gang, it's time to vote for the best ballad/love song for February. We had 18 entries this month which is pretty good. Below are links to each of the entries, for your browsing convenience. Voting ends at midnight on March 12th. Good luck to all entrants. A big :clap:from me, just for...
1-17 of 57 Results