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  1. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Toto Date: 3rd March 2019 Jakarta International Jazz Jazz Festival 2019 Venue: D2 Hall (named as BNI Hall during the festival), JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia Time: 8.30 pm - 9.50pm Location from 3rd row from the stage, on left side, and in front of left speaker. Linage (simple device...
  2. Music Hall
    Free app, free songs, easy chords and fun! I just noticed on the App Store that FourChords Guitar Karaoke App is giving away 50 000 song downloads. Theres some great tunes from great artists! I really like this app and thought you guys could like it too. Especially now is a great time to check...
  3. Bootleg Requests
    hi ,,someone could find a link for me plz to download the professional karaoke track:kingstrack ,i'd like to have links for these albums : Kingtracks IN CONCERT V2,Kingtracks IN CONCERT V1,Kingtracks Madison Square Garden V1,Kingtracks New Midsouth Coliseum '74 CD,Kingtracks Aloha From Hawaii...
  4. Elvis Bootlegs
    Does anyone own a copy of this? I'm willing to trade!
  5. Elvis Bootlegs
    The complete backing for the "Aloha from hawaii" concert: Enjoy and sing the hell out of it!
  6. Requests
    Hi there, if it's possible, i'm searching for a backing track (without vocals) for: So far from the Clyde from Mark Knopfler
  7. Elvis Bootlegs
    Does anyone have the karaoke cd of Madison Square from Kingtracks? I lost mine...I looked for the old post but I couldn't find it...please help?
  8. Elvis Bootlegs
    Is there any really good Elvi karaoke like from Golden voice company? Am a big fan of it...but more than 128 kb/s if its possible :biggrin: any other fans of it?
1-8 of 8 Results