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kind diamond

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    Uriah Heep - Berlin(West),Germany unknown venue 1970.12.29 audience tape(unknown gen)>CDR(trade)>wave(EAC)> flac8(TLH)align on sector boundaries good quality for 1970,s.I think it`s earliest live recording from Uriah Heep that exists.One unreleased song was played "I see you Tonight",I...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Mercyful Fate: Cattle Trade,Ulicoten 9-25-1982 funeral 2.curse of the pharohs 3.into the coven 4.doomed by the living dead 5.satans fall masses 7.corpse without soul 8.come to sabbath pt1 9.come to sabbath pt2 10.devil eyes 11.nuns have no fun...