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  1. Gear Photos
    Here's my ever growing collection: 2000 Gibson LP Special 1977 Kramer 450G 1987 Peavey Nitro III Ibanez Iceman Washburn BT8 BC Rich Exclusive BC Rich Warlock N.J. Schecter Scorpion Elite Epiphone LP Junior Fender Strat-a-Coustic And Coming soon: Kramer Focus 3000...
  2. Battles Main
    i'm very happy with my verison. i used my kramer foucus 6000 line6 spider II amp and cakewalk for recording software. Best of Luck To Wayward_Son This is gonna be a good one
  3. The Guitar Rack
    sorry, this is my first poll. still trying to figure out how stuff works.... anywho, this is the place for you to rant about certain shaps of certain guitars. or if you find nothing wrong with em, how do they compare to other guitars? and also do state what genre(s) you play. like metal, rock...
  4. Gear Photos
    Yep Santa was nice to me this year despite the fact that I have been as evil as ever this past year. ;) Actually, when I was asked by friends and family what I would like for xmas, I just replied "Cash or a GuitarCenter gift card". Makes the shopping easy for eveyone else, and is better than...
  5. The Guitar Rack
    21?...22? or 24? frets on your guitar and why do you prefer?.... I myself do whatever I can do on any guitar but love my 24 jumbo frets..... Just thought I would ask......Thanx
  6. Battles Main this is evhkramer5150 and blues geek Challenge we're going to be playing stairway solo please vote who ever you think is the best blues geek please post up you're mp3. i've could of done alot beter with this. the sound is abite off cause i'm...
  7. The Guitar Rack
    I've been playing for about two years and I still have a cheap Kramer that goes out of tune every 5 seconds, literally. I really need a new guitar and considered getting a Fender US Strat until I started taking lessons, yesterday. My teacher has about 26 guitars and says I should probably get an...
  8. MP3s - Originals
    Hello, my name is Pawel. I'm 16, etc. etc. (I'd rather spare you the details). It was by complete coincidence that I came upon this site and I was thrilled by the idea of being able to share my music with other musicians and receive some constructive criticism (I'm sick of all the "you're really...
  9. The Guitar Rack
    I was thinking of replaceing my Orig Floyd on my 84 Kramer focus 3000 with a cheaper Licensed Floyd, the reason is my old one is really worn and it would cost about 90 bucks or more to restore it, the bridge saddles are corroding and i really dont wanna spend a ton of cash cause i'm replaceing a...
  10. Buy and Sell
    Anbody have an old Kramer they want to get rid of.
  11. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Wanted to throw something down with my new axe.... I just got a One Piece Black Limba (Korina) San Dimas 1983 Body w/a Birdseye Maple Neck (Warmoth Pro) w/Seymour JB in the bridge and a S/D Performer S/C in the neck (Lynch Configuration), one volume control, 3-way toggle, Original Floyd...
  12. The Guitar Rack
    Has anyone ever flat out wore a guitar out from playing or practicing on it? Is this even possible? Just curious.
  13. Gear Photos
    These are some pics of my Peavey Wolfgang outfitted with an original Floyd Rose.
  14. The Guitar Rack
    Howdy All: I was wondering if I am in the minority with guitarists now days. Everywhere I turn I see people who have switched from 9's to 13 gauge strings. Or almost everyone has some alternate tuning, or some drop tune 1, 2 or ever more steps down. So I am wondering, is there...
  15. The Guitar Rack
    What humbucker can get the early van halen sound?
  16. Amps and Amp Modeling
    When I stopped playing several years back, didn't really stop just didn't play much, I sold some of my stuff but was smart enough to keep a few things. The one thing I'm glad I never sold was my Dumble Overdrive Special. Best damn amp I've ever heard or played though. I will say, I have a...
  17. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Hey everyone Been outta the game for awhile and I am getting back into playing.... I want to have a sound near Lynch's or VH's....I really like the new VH sound (post 5150 amp), but my friends say that they're pretty one-dimensional. The XXX is something that "allegedly" Lynch worked w/Peavey...
  18. The Guitar Rack
    Throughout History, many individuals have been remembered for a particular peice of work/art that has surpassed them and continued to be gawped at by mankind for years and years as a work of genius. On this site we have a great deal of talent. Wether it be Original Instrumentals or Vocal...
1-19 of 35 Results