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  1. The Guitar Rack
    Hi, I have been searching for the specs on the kramer striker 300st I have. I need to replace the trem and cant find what size the neck and nut is anywhere. Its a rear-routed nut in the neck and it's a floyd rose 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dont mind the pics, it's actually...
  2. Buy and Sell
    WTB a completed Kramer '5150' replica. If anyone has one for sale please PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. Buy and Sell
    Very rare guitars, mint except for a few finish cracks, nothing wrong with them at all. 1977 Kramer Aluminums. Models 650G and DMZ 6000g. The going rate is 1300 each, or 2400 for the pair. Email [email protected] for questions and pictures.
  4. Gear Photos
    The Halo is a Meanstreet custom.It is a beast! It is based on a 1984 kramer.This guy makes incredible guitars.The Kramer I found on craigslist.I got a helluva deal on it.The guy did not know what he had.Or what to ask price wise.Thanks for looking.
  5. Buy and Sell
    £750 (Including UK postage) I'm parting with my custom built Sambora inspired, Flip Flop blue guitar. I do love this guitar - so it needs to go to a worthy home! It's a giggers guitar for sure and I don't get chance to do so anymore :-(. Therefore, i haven't played her in a while and she just...
  6. Buy and Sell
    Kramer 1984 reissue in black for sale. -Mint condition -In kramer hard case with manual -Selling on behalf of a customer -Email me for photos or with any questions - Offers over £450 Cheers.
  7. Gear Photos
    Hi guys...Nice place you got here. Here's some of my lumber Tommy
  8. Buy and Sell
    I have an evh 5150 copy for sale. It has a licensed floyd rose, maple neck with maple fingerboard with "skunk stripe". Not sure what kind of pickup it has. I'm asking 449.95 for it. Here's some pics: Send me a message if your interested...
  9. Buy and Sell
    I have some 5150 guitars for sale. They have the red, white and black striped paintjob. Here's some pics... Send me a private message if your interested.
  10. Buy and Sell
    I have some custom made evh replica guitars for sale. Their not exact replicas. They are shiny and new looking, but they look awesome and will defenitely turn heads none the less. I have them in the red, white and black 5150 color scheme and the yellow and black paintjob. Here's some pics...
  11. Buy and Sell
    Hello everyone! I have for quite a while been looking for either a Kramer 1984 Reissue of any color or a 5150 Replica. If anyone will sell one of these or knows where I could purchase one please e-mail me at [email protected] or send me a message. I can pay with PayPal. Thanks!
  12. Buy and Sell
    Don't play it much anymore. Wanting to see what I can get for it. This is a 1989 Kramer Sustainer, excellent condition, all original, creme color, reverse headstock, original Floyd Rose, Floyd Rose Sustainer Pickup (still works perfectly. Most are burnt out by now), bound neck and headstock...
  13. Buy and Sell
    Hey everyone , I'm new to the forum and trying to find and purchase a Kramer Voyager that I owned back in the early "90's" it was a Fantasy series Kline with a picture of a wizard holding a staff/wand (it's the same guitar pictured in my avatar) any info or leads would be greatly appreciated...
  14. Buy and Sell
    CUrrently looking for a nice late 80's baretta with reverse headstock if possible. Situated in australia... iF anyone knows of any ozzy dealers please let me know. email: [email protected] cheers
  15. Buy and Sell
    We are selling my husband's Kramer Gorky Park signed guitar. He won this in a contest at our local music store in the late 80's. We are moving and are just selling a bunch of items. I have it listed on ebay so it can be sold both buyer and seller safe. I've attached pictures if you'd like to...
  16. Buy and Sell
    Looking for: 1) Kahler Killer (2710) or 2700 series 2) JB (older the better).. black or white/black 3) A2 magnet 4) Left Handed Compund Radius neck cash ready. up for trade are: 1) Kramer 22 Fret Left Handed Neck with Tuners, (american series, 1980s neck). A Banana type. 2) Duncan...
1-16 of 16 Results