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los angeles county fair

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    THE OUTLAWS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR POMONA, CALIFORNIA SEPTEMBER 18th 2015 RECORDED BY WOOTSUPPP!! THE OUTLAWS 1. Freeborn Man 6:47 2. Green Grass & High Tides 12:56 3. (intro) AC/DC - Thunderstruck 2:56 LYNYRD SKYNYRD 4. Workin' For MCA 4:51 5. I Ain't The...
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    Hall & Oates Live From The Los Angeles County Fair Fairplex - Pomona, CA. Friday September 23, 2005 Soundboard Daryl Hall (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) John Oates (Vocals, Guitar) The Band T Bone Wolk: Bass Mike Braun: Drums...