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  1. Lyrics
    One Foot Lyrics: Not a soul up ahead and nothing behind There's a desert in my blood and a storm in your eyes Am I the king of nothing at all? Then you're the queen of nothing at all Well I remember the fight and I forget the pain I got my hand in your pocket and my key on your chain Am I the...
  2. Lyrics
    Nobody should need these, but here goes anyway since i'm new, lyrics from one of their lesser known songs: You carry me places, i'd rather be Well mannered gardens, well tempered seas We're gathered in reason, I should believe That this is different, that this isn't free How could this be? I'm...
  3. Music Hall
    Free app, free songs, easy chords and fun! I just noticed on the App Store that FourChords Guitar Karaoke App is giving away 50 000 song downloads. Theres some great tunes from great artists! I really like this app and thought you guys could like it too. Especially now is a great time to check...
  4. Lyrics
    Hey everyone! New the the forum, and new to songwriting/lyrics - was wondering if anyone knew of any great songwriting books out there? Something that would give me an all around idea on how to become a better songwriter. I'm sure I could scour the web all day gathering for info, but maybe you...
  5. Music Hall
    What is everyone's favorite spot, place, room, whatever to write at??? I do a lot of music and lyric writing at the beach when its quiet...Its one of my favorite spots to go to just think and I usually find a lot of inspiration from the peace...
  6. Lyrics
    I don't know the lyrics, but Im sure its a 60s or 70s song. I know to last verse is in spanish. Any help would be great. It might also be 6+ min long song.
  7. Music Hall
    In order to find accurate information like discographies with catalog numbers, mono/stereo, other releases, Uk Charts, Weeks in Charts, First Week in Charts, High Position, Reissues, lyrics, video and more for several bands and artists i recommend Some interesting examples are...
  8. Lyrics
    Hi!....I don't know if this is the correct place to post it,.. (If it isn't,..I am very sorry and please [moderator] move it to whatever section it belongs Thanks in advance for your time). Heard this while stumbling upon this video on youtube:
  9. Lyrics
    I'm a lyricist loking for a music collaborator/producer and singer/vocalist with a good voice to work with. I write songs of different styles and genres. Contact me at [email protected] if your looking for a lyricist. Cheers Chris
  10. Music Hall
    The song “it’s only been a week “is from which album? Please let me know if you know it.
  11. Lyrics
    Does anyone can help me to find out which album is this having song “Under my skin”. If anyone know it then please let me also know.
  12. Music Hall
    This song Big John won’t you come on home? Is my favorite song and I am searching for its lyrics if anyone from you does know the lyrics then please let me also know.
  13. Lyrics
    Hi everybody, Can anyone let me know the title and artist for the lines “trying to catch me something,.,,.,., catch u somethin” . I cant exactly type the lines of this number, but they are quite close as far as I heard them. Anyone here that can help me?
1-13 of 15 Results