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  1. Exclusive Interviews
    Tune in to Oscar’s Guitar Shop this Friday live at 2pm PST on to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Shred Master General Michael Angelo Batio. We’ll discuss his early days in Chicago, breaking the speed barrier, double necks, and his new album Intermezzo...
  2. The Guitar Rack
    hey guys im new here. i have a question about playing thrash metal. i want to play thrash metal like megadeth and old metallica. but my teacher awlays said dont play guitar with your wrist, use your foarm and wrist together. but when i play thrash i only use my wrist. am i doing somthing wrong...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    hey, this is my first post. I've been reading this site for quite some time and it seems very helpful. I have been playing for a little over a year and I recently realized i have been holding the guitar pick wrong (i use a 2 fingered grip which is very limiting especially for tremolo etc etc)...
  4. The Guitar Rack
    Hello everyone. My question might be weird, but I am still new to the guitar thing. I have a Ibanez RG2550 prestige and a Crate flexwave 65 amp. I am looking to get a real clean distortion sound. I know my amp is not that great, it is not a tube and I know you should start with a good amp...
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Hey everyone. You got the old debate, who's best?: Steve Vai Joe Satriani Yngwie Malmsteen Let's end this thing before I blow my brains out. I want to say Joe Satriani because I don't even like Vai or Malmsteen. That might be a little one-sided. But... I know Satriani was Vai's guitar...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    Anyone want to see the stupidest guitar invention ever? Finger Weights.
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I've been looking for a good guitar forum for a long time, but the ones I find hardly have any new posts on a daily basis until this one. Trying to get a feel for the crowd... What style(s)/type of music do you play? I'm pretty much a...
  8. MP4 Videos
    Some shredding bits and pieces... Jem 77 floral and OLP mm1 guitars used, JSX amp. Enjoy
  9. The Guitar Rack
    Who is the fastest guitarist in the world and what is the world record for speed playing? Many websites say different things and none of them give statistics or any facts to prove anything...
  10. Music Hall
    Tom Morello is totally my favorite 90s/2000 guitarist. I picked up the GW mag with him on it; and he has some interesting stuff to show in the videos. Any of you like Rage/Audioslave?
  11. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    I am Japanese. Therefore, my English might be wrong. Moreover, I do not perfectly understand English. sorry... Hello. This is my first contribution. When you can like it, it is glad. SETLIST 01.First Time 02.Kids Of The Century 03.Crazy Cat 04.When The Sinner 05.Step Out Of Hell...
  12. The Guitar Rack
    Blind Japanese guitarist playing shred ala Jeff Healey...the human condition CAN be an amazing thing... :Sylvia:
  13. Music Hall
    well this is think is quite true th more i got into guitar the more i expected there to be a solo.havnt you noticed that guitarists tend to well not lisn to songs with solos like greenday.but we would rather lisn to our favourite hair bands.i thought this wuld be an interstng topic as i have...
  14. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
1-18 of 39 Results