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  1. Home Recording
    Hello Everyone! So I am a total newbie on the podcast front and need some help. I am having issues getting a solid answer on the final piece of gear I need to record. My question is, Which is better for me to record with, A mixer or audio interface? Ultimately I would also like to be able to...
  2. Home Recording
    I have a brand new 16 track Samson mixer it's an analog. I currently record by sending the outputs of the mixer to the two line inputs on my Line6 toneport UX1. How do I multitrack?? Every time I try everything gets mixed down onto one track Thank you very much
  3. Music Hall
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  4. Home Recording
    hey guys im thinkin about getting a mixer to start a little studio nothing serious and my budget isnt serious either (300 max) so what kind of mixer should i get if i just want to record onto a computer?
1-4 of 4 Results