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  1. Amps and Amp Modeling
    anybody got any good amp settings for a Guns N Roses era Slash sound? I have a Fender 65R Reverb amp and a small ibanez10g amp.
  2. Buy and Sell
    Gibson Les Paul Standard in Wine Red - looking for around £1200 Kramer 1984 reissue with a stripy paint job. Kinda catchy. Looking for around £500. Peavey Wolfgang Special Flametop in Tobacco Sunburst - Looking for around £500. Ibanez RG470 in Transparent Purple Flame - Looking for around £325...
  3. Buy and Sell
    I am selling my PodXT loaded with all the model packs currently available from Line6 except the bass pack. I have it loaded with the latest firmware also. I am selling the XT with the FBV shortboard and the case that holds the XT and the board for gigging. All the items together would run over...
  4. The Guitar Rack
    Anyone have any experience with one of these I am thinking about purchasing one in the near future but like the forums opinion on them
  5. Gear Photos
    Well here is the latest pic of all my gear.. Some new some old.. Here is a clip of the rack/podxt sound Guitars: Ibanez 1988 Jem77FP (main axe) Carvin DC127 (used for alternate and detuning) Alvarez Classical Effects: Line6 PodXT Live (All Model...
  6. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Well I think the title of this thread pretty much sums it up. What is the best amp Modeler that is cheap somewhere in the range of $100 - $200
  7. Gear Photos
    Well just got this in the mail today from American Music Supply, So far it looks fantastic, and sturdy as heck, it weighs in around 17lbs is beefy. Has 2 tubes, and not as many models as my PodXT which is in route to a fellow jemsiter but I wanted a floor model. I like the fact they modeled...
  8. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Almost every Amp in the new PODxt series V 3.0 is depicted including the 3 different amp model packs, including the New Bass pack. The Line 6 models are listed aswell. For those of you that want to easily translate the Line 6 name to the original, don't worry it's in there. So grab it from...
  9. Buy and Sell
    up for sale again stupid buyers backing out.
  10. The Guitar Rack
    Well first thing I have done with the Variax. Its basically just a simple little play off the chords of Melissa by the Allman Brothers. Dont expect anything super I just did it this morning I was barely coherent but this is the mood I was feeling(Laid Back and just relaxing) I used the...
  11. Gear Photos
    Well here is everything I use to "mess around" with. Monitors: Custom Horn Loaded towers(dual 7" aluminum cone, single 1" soft dome) They have a incredible sense of depth and realism. The low end is amazing down to right about 29hz Computing: Mac Mini with 1 gig of ram 17" KDS Monitor (I...
  12. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Ok was messing with this again its really really close now. Not to bad for the 3rd time ever recording myself playing LOL that red button makes me nervous. Again since no backing track was available I had to use the CD song. Breakdown of tracks being used, each guitar part was recorded 2x to...
  13. Amps and Amp Modeling
    For home recording I use my Line 6 POD2.0 and it has served me very well , what Ive found is amp modellers that feature weird and wacky tones and settings that I will never ever use . If I said what is a good amp modeller for recording purposes only that comes with just good tones and not...
  14. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Here's the patch I used for my cover of "Always With You, Always With Me". It was created on a POD XT Live.
  15. Amps and Amp Modeling
    I apologise if this ends up being in the wrong forum but i'm not sure where to ask this question. There is so much gear i would like to buy right now but i need to prioritise and wonder if you guys can help me do just that. First to give you some background. I am pretty much a beginner (at the...
  16. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Dumb question i'm sure, but are the POD xt model packs worth the money? I pretty much am a beginner and have not as yet got into dialling in my own tones on the POD but am always interested in killer sounds to use. With this in mind would it be worth my while investing in the model packs?
  17. Amps and Amp Modeling
    What's the difference between the regular Pod and the Pod xt for guitar? Is there a big difference? I'm thinking of getting one and see alot of the regular pods on ebay for pretty cheap!! Bman
  18. Amps and Amp Modeling
    :yummy: Happy New Year:yumyum:
1-19 of 60 Results