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  1. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Pink Floyd Brussels & Lille 1972 December Moon - High Resolution Remasters (AUD/FLAC) Pink Floyd - December Moon (The High Resolution Remasters) Brussels & Lille 1972 (Audience) Lunatic Records LR72 05/12/1972, Forest National, Brussels, Belgium CD1 – 47:25 01. Speak To Me (1:37) 02...
  2. Elvis Bootlegs 1966 home recording with Charlie Hodge. Full version. Elvis never recorded Dark Moon in a studio, but if he had, it would probably have turned out something like this: Chris Isaak - Dark Moon (1993) CI...
  3. Buy and Sell
    I have had this guitar since 2004 and it has been great. There are a few bumps from natural wear and tear but nothing noticable. This guitar is in great shape. Make me an offer.
  4. Video Bootlegs
    --The Who - Tangled In Tommy-- --Lineup-- Pete Townshend Keith Moon John Entwistle Roger Daltrey -Live Concert from the 1969 "tommy" tour --Tracklist-- 1. heaven & hell 2. I can't explain 3. water 4. I don't even know myself 5. overture/1921 6. amazing journey 7. sparks 8. eyesight to the...
  5. Video Bootlegs
    --The Who: Voorburg - 3/10/1973-- --LINEUP-- Pete Townshend Roger Daltrey John Entwistle Keith Moon --DVD-- Filling in as a last minute replacement for Roxy Music who could not perform due to an illness in the band, The Who played and were broadcast live on Dutch TV. The show was part of the...
  6. Video Bootlegs
    found this on a forum whose native tounge i dont understand: part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 the forum i mentioned is this one.
  7. Lessons and Tab
    i can't seem to find this tab anywhere!! it's such a shame there aren't many max webster tabs, yet they have such awesome music! i guess they weren't too well known. anyways ive been trying to learn it by ear, but just can't seem to figure it out. if anyone could help tab it out for me that...
1-7 of 9 Results