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  1. Music Hall
    [Downtempo] Various Artist - Downtempo vibration
  2. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    MuSiC - Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; February 11, 1984 Melton, Saunders, Cipollina Soundboard with audience patch Remastered by Pinkrobert CD 1 - Set 1: 1. I Got Love 2. My Problems Got Problems 3. Blind Man 4. San Francisco 5. I'm the Jealous Kind 6. The Dance - cut CD 2 - Set 2 1...
  3. Music Hall
    Open letter to Bruce... Bruce, I swear "baby baby, I'm so alone, baby baby I'm coming home" absolutely tears me down and rocks my world. Best describes why I sent a mp3 of the song to "Chivona" miles away from me this wet Christmas morning. I've listened to the entire album here on Christmas...
  4. Music Hall
    Brian Harold May of the band Queen probably didn't realize in 1974 his song "The Prophet's Song" was about HIV/AIDS at the time - but it is entirely and the only song up until the discovery of the incurable disease. From 1975's "A Night At The Opera" the discussion of the subject became a "cat 4...
  5. Music Hall
    As my Freemake Video/Audio converter creates an MP4 of the hour long 2020 Stand Up For Heroes while I type, I sit here with wet cheeks and a reason to smile and be sad, a mix of emotions of my 53rd birthday to day and more. When "Letter To You" was unofficially released to the internet in full...
  6. Music Hall
    Hey guys, recently found a great channel which features modern remixes of classic tracks! It's pretty underrated and definitely deserves some more love, check it out here!
  7. Home Recording
    I am using Garageband since a long time. I want the sound to be decreased and increased without me modifying it, on a song I recorded on GB. Is there a solution to this?
  8. Elvis Bootlegs
    No label September 2019 2 CD's Nothing new: an alternate compilation of old good LP's FLAC CD 1. WORDS & MUSIC Between the songs you can hear spoken words from Elvis Memories (live) That's All Right Mama Jailhouse Rock I Got Lucky All Shook Up (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear Blue Hawaii Follow...
  9. Battle Challenges
    This website is the best in the world right now!
  10. Music Hall
    Check it Out:
  11. Lessons and Tab
    I found this website amazing! What are your thoughts on this website:
  12. Music Hall
    Check it Out:
1-14 of 122 Results