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  1. Amps and Amp Modeling
    A short demo on dialing back an amp's gain, and adding HEAVY for more aggression and note detail.
  2. Home Recording
    Hey Guys, This is my attempt at one of my favourite instrumentals of all time. Please share, comment, like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks in advance. My YouTube channel -
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Hi guys, This is my attemp to play john petrucci's solo "The Spirit Carries On"... I tried to get the similar sound by using my Music Man BFR JPX guitar with my MesaBoogie/Roadster Amp & SM57 mic... Please tell me what you think: Like! & Comment...
  4. The Guitar Rack
    I bought a new Musicman Axis guitar with the Gotoh Floyd. Awesome playing guitar, but the tremolo set-up does not seem to stay in tune very well. It is a dive-only tremolo. The tremolo bridge is parallel to the body, the nut is tight, but still after using the bar only a little, it goes out of...
  5. Buy and Sell
    OLP MM1 EVH Photo Flame Very Nice This would make an excellent "Starter Guitar Kit". This Kit contains: 1 OLP Guitar 1 Instrument Strap 1 Brand New Hard Shell Case. 1 Ibanez 10 Watt Amp Instrument Cable Assorted Picks Fender Guitar Tuner This a used OLP MM1 Guitar. These were modeled after...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    I have found the guitar I want to buy.:smile: Unfortunatly, the companys that carrit in the Finish I want, are limited.:smirk: I call it a "Blond Wood Veneer". One such Company is "", I guess their a Middleman?:wink0: About 50% of the people have had no problem and the other half have...
  7. Buy and Sell
    Looking for an Inexpensive entry level Guitar. Specifically looking for an OPL Ernie Ball Musicman. Just need something to noodle around with. Please post here or e-mail directly, Pictures, Price and Description. If I'm not close enough to pick it up, I'll pay reasonable Shipping costs. I have...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    Just curious what everyone thinks of these guitars. I have two and they are amazing for the price. My first one I got about a year ago for $200 brand new and got another one the other day from Craigslist for $125. I have a Peavey Wolfgang and I prefer playing the OLP guitar onstage. Mainly...
1-8 of 8 Results