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mustang sally

  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Albert Collins And Buddy Guy 04/09/93 The Warner Theater Washington DC Soundboard @ 320 Performance Notes:Tracks 1-8 is the Albert Collins performance; Track 9-17 is Buddy Guy's performance. The recording is flawless with a great sound throughout. Each set of performers is listed with the...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    By request. 204Mb/mp3/320VBR setlist: 1-01 Intro 1-02 Uptown up 1-03 Pass the peas 1-04 Rabbits in the pea patch 1-05 Shake everything you got 1-06 House party 2-01 Applause 2-02 Medley~Mustang Sally 2-03 Mustang Sally 2-04 Maceo's groove 2-05 Drum solo~applause 3-01 Encore~announcer 3-02...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    PETER CRISS live in NEW JERSEY 13-3-84 Audience recording ok quality Mustang Sally La bamba Stand by me Instrumental ----- Pretty woman Happy birthday ------ JOhnny B.goode My girl Roll over beethoven ----- Tossin and turning ------- ------- Medley...
  4. The Guitar Rack
    My dad wants my band to play at his company's fair in the summer so we thought that we'd start getting 7 or 8 songs right now to play. So far, we know: Derek & the Dominos- Layla The Eagles- Hotel California Carlos Santana- Black Magic Woman Grand Funk Railroad- We're an American Band Red Hot...
  5. MP3 Covers (General)
    Hi all!! I was looking for a BT for Mustang Sally to do with JPF when I came across this one and sorry JPF but I couldn't resist,anyway I put some delay on the guitar could'nt quite remember how the guitar went,and put some 80's reverb on the vox lol ,anyway hope y'all enjoy it.
  6. The Lounge
    Well, here ya go dude. I've mentioned these so many times to you before. Hope that they live up to their big build up... :peppersda
  7. Music Hall
    My last attempt at a new thread wasn't so successful...I hope this one is a little better...I'm looking to find out from everyone what's the COOLEST, CHEESIEST, MOST OBSCURE, MOST FUN, MOST BORING songs you've actually played live with a band...not the stuff you learned in your room by yourself...
  8. Requests
    I am trying to find a backing track of mustang sally on van morrison style is there one available? Thanks Blaine
  9. Entertainment
    Wilson Pickett, the soul pioneer best known for the fiery hits "Mustang Sally" and "In The Midnight Hour," died of a heart attack Thursday, according to his management company. He was 64. Chris Tuthill of the management company Talent Source said Pickett had been suffering from health...
  10. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Danny Gatton Live at Tramps, NYC July 13, 1990 tramps nyc 90' Great show!! 8 on a 10 point scale audience recording. This features Joe Bonamassa on a couple of tracks, and Johnny Winter (playing Gatton's guitar) on one track. Disc 1 (71:48) 1. Unknown 2. Wham! -> Memphis 3. Blues...
  11. Music Hall
    Hey All A little help please. I live in Belize Central America. I play a lot of gigs on the beach here. Hey,somebody has to do it! Heres the deal. I have played in bars in cover bands for over 30 years in the States. We always stuck to a formula.."If they cant dance to it why are we playing...
  12. The Guitar Rack
    I will start the ball rolling. I was just reminded of this song as I was chatting to someone about my guitar playing exploits, so thought it would make a good topic. I'm not a gigger by trade, and the times I have played live have been in people's houses after we've come back from the pub, a...
  13. Backing Track Managers
    Mustang Sally & Feelin' Alright Enjoy!
  14. Entertainment
    Has anyone seen this movie? It's about the forming of a soul band in Ireland, both funny and really entertaining I highly recommend it, excellent movie.
  15. Backing Track Managers
    Updated BT List 11/30/04 Updated 11/30/04 Part 1 If you want any let me know (11) Lasse Stefanz - En Ring På Ditt Finger (Backing Tracks) 24 Full Blues Backing Tracks For Guitarists - Very Sweet! (BB KING) FULL BAND BACKING TRACK IN BB [Backing Track] - Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley 01 -...
  16. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Jamming along to a Buddy Guy tune.Used a tele for all the guitars.
  17. Backing Track Managers
    By request!
  18. Music Hall
    Not tribute bands, but cover bands for the musical variety. What do your set lists look like? Here's what my band is currently playing in our "soft" set: Welcome to the Jungle -G&R Hot for teacher - VH Dirty Deeds- AC/DC Cochise - Cochise Baba o' Riley - Pearl Jam version Rock n' Roll - LZ...
  19. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    This is one with the guys that I play now. We make 2 rehearsals and go to play in this party after a few bottles of tequila, beers and wine.... close your ears to the mistakes and enjoy it..... Mustang Sally