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  1. Gear Photos
    Here's a pic of my current rehearsal/live rig: Marshall re-issue plexi 1987x (50w) modified by David Bray E-Wave 4x12 cab loaded with celestion greenback speakers T-rex room-mate tube reverb (awesome!) in loop Boss DD6 delay in loop Dunlop CBH wah wah Boss OS2 (used for switching between clean...
  2. MP4 Videos
    A semi improvised medley for the van halen fans... YouTube - Van Halen Medley
  3. Home Recording
    I was wondering.... Is there a way to record a guitar part on a track and then play it back and add the effect from a pedal after you have already played it... For example, Say Im plugged from my guitar into my Guitarport and recording via the USB. I record "UNCHAINED" from Van Halen...
  4. Gear Photos
    Does the trick. I'm still on the hunt for an MXR Flanger (original), and possibly a delay pedal.
  5. The Guitar Rack
    I'm thinking of buying one, Can anyone (PLEASE) tell me if this flanger is any good???? I need it for Pink FLoyd kind of tone. I also know that there's the BOSS BF3. Is there a huge difference between the two models?:biggthump
  6. The Guitar Rack
    Well, i recorded this about a month and a half ago and its been sitting on my puter for awhile, and I threw it in and listened to it. THe playing is raw, not 'polished' by any stretch of the imagination, (not too concerned with the "authenticity of the playing) what about the sound, the...
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys and gals! I havent been around and I moved this summer, so my playing has been limited. But I did fiddle faddle around with some stuff and came up with this (real rough cut, no BT) but I wanted to get some feedback on the sound. What do you all think? Does this sound like the...
  8. MP3 Covers (General)
    You all know that song by Jeff Beck, The Pump? I found a cool BT of it. I layed down some quick lead to it. This was a one taker, it's not perfect. I'm just winging it. But some parts really shine I guess. Lemme know what you all think k? :thumb:
  9. Buy and Sell
    Got a MXR Flanger Doubler for sale. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of flangers. This was part of Dimebags rig throughout his career as you can see by the pics. Here is his CFH rig (Shows his settings!) Here is his Damageplan Rig On my quest to collect all the gear Dime used...
  10. MP3s - Originals
    Here's another WAY COOL Van Halen sounding song from Craig Parker Adams. He totally has that cool guitar sound. . :thumb:
  11. Gear Photos
    I haven't posted pics of my gear since way back when this site started, and things have changed a lot, so I took new pics tonight of my current rig. Sorry about all the individual pics for the guitars - I didn't have a good place or way to shoot them all together. My main strat, "Sparky"...
  12. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Bark At The Moon-MuRpH/JPF-vox added Update: Check out this cover now! Give props to JPF for some smoking vocals!! He really did an excellent job! Here is my cover of Bark at the Moon. Its not note for note but I stayed close to the original. I doubled the leads for a fuller sound. Jake...
  13. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Everyone, This is my latest stab at trying to capture the magic that is Eddie.... This version is one with the flanger on select parts...problem is I couldnt get the darn thing to sweep back- it just started at the same position in the sweep and went down. I was so p(ssed I couldnt get it...
  14. Lessons and Tab
    I'm trying to play Ain't takin' 'bout love, but my speed is not the same as Mr. Van Halen. I know that I can't compare myself to his majesty but can anyone tell me how I put my fingers. Do I use my whole pink to play the 3rd fret?
  15. The Guitar Rack
    How high should I put levels on my effect pedals? I know that on my delay pedal i like to have it 50% up. But what about on my distortion and boost pedals? I would like to have it so when I turn on the distortion its about the same level as the clean on my amp. Right now, you can barely hear the...
  16. The Guitar Rack
    Hey All Opinions please... I currently have a Boss PH-2 Super Phaser and I think it sounds to "Phoney" I am looking for smooth warm Phase effect that works great with clean and distortion. Any suggestions?
  17. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    This is my first post with backing tracks..... Two versions presented with slightly different effects set-up. Version One was a first take with a punch-in at the harmonics part in before the second solo. Version Two is a first take, complete with my mistakes (I got really outta place goin...
  18. The Guitar Rack
    OK, I havent been able to find the answers to these two questions anywhere....certain songs, EVH used different guitars, like "You Really Got Me", "Hot for Teacher", "On Fire", he reportedly used the Ibanez Korina Destroyer guitar, the Frankenstrat on others, and then later on, the Kramers and...
1-19 of 55 Results