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  1. The Guitar Rack
    Jackson vs Charvel neck Im going to buy a new guitar and i cant decide between this two great guitars: Specs: Both have alder bodies.(i dont care...
  2. The Guitar Rack
    Hey, I am a University student in the UK currently studying Popular Music. This is my last year now and I have to produce a dissertation, so my chosen topic is on the sustain properties of an electric solid-bodied guitar, and more specifically, the neck joint and the bridge type. If you could...
  3. Buy and Sell
    Check the link out this neck sounds sweet.
  4. The Guitar Rack
    I changed the neck on my guitar and now the octave is on fret 13 not 12. What? It's a wizard neck and a strat style body. I did have to modify the body to fit the neck a bit. It's kind of a Frankenstein guitar and I don't know what I'm doing. Any suggestions?
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Can anyone give me any advice on what the thinnest acoustic neck is sub 1000 euro. Ideally a semi acoustic with a neck like an Ibanez electric :) Any help would be greatly appreciated. g
  6. The Guitar Rack
    I would like to take the neck off my Johnson strat copy and replace it with an actual Fender neck.Would this be possible.Im sure it would but I want to make sure there wouldnt be any long term problems.I dont see why there would but still.
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a PRS Custom 24 instead of my EBMM JP (I just don't like the feel and sound of this guitar, it didn't catch me for some reason), as I got a really good deal on one. But I'm a bit worried about the PRS' neck. Did any of you use/try this guitar? If yes, do you...
1-7 of 7 Results