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paisley park
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  1. Bootleg Requests
    Hi does anyone have any of the following Prince shows/bootlegs? I don't mind mp3... 1984-12-09 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, USA Chicago Rain bootleg The Park 1995 volumes 1-4 Xenophobia Paisley Park 2002 shows Lovesexy Atlanta 1988 sabotage ONA Fukuoka One Nite Alone In Oberhausen Thanks
  2. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    George Clinton - Paisley Park, Chanhassen; February 6, 1991 Pfunk Rhythm and Rhyme Miggerish Get Off Our Ass and Jam Lets Take it To the Stage Thank You P Undisco Kidd Cosmic Shop Give Up the Funk Booozilla Night of the Thumpasours People Pussycat Bustin Sir Nose D Voidoffunk Oil Spill Get...
  3. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    4DaFunk Catalog # 4DF 006-007-008-009-010 Release Year 2005 5CD Length 66:22 / 64:04 / 64:08 / 66:55 / 68:08 Date/Venue Paisley Park, Chanhassen August / September 1995 Source Audience Recordings Quality EX Rating 4.75/5.0 Track Listing Paisley Park Concerts Paisley Park, Chanhassen August /...
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Former prince protege, Ingrid Chavez has a new single out called 'By The Water' that, which to me sounds cool than her old stuff, which I also liked. I don't have the actual file but you can stream it on he website and there is a music video on youtube...
  5. Bootleg Requests
    Anybody know where I can get Madhouse 24?:ohnoes: I know tha there is some stuff floating around from those sessions and that Eric Leeds album 'times squared' features some stuff from those same sessions. Is there a complete source for the album? Any help is greatly appreciated THANKS IN ADVANCE
  6. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Minneapolins Minn. (Prince's Paisley Park Studios) - Feb. 7, 1991 Intro-Chocolate City Alice In My Fantasies-Cosmic Slop Let's Take It To The Stage Tear The Roof Off Maggot Brain Red Hot Mama-Music 4 My Mother SIr Nose Standing On The Verge Chocolate City Medley Cosmic Slop Tear The Roof...
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Since I have some time - I thought it would be cool if I could get you guys to fill out a small survey about yourselves. So if you have a little time, please let us all in on your musical experience! ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Do you play the...
  8. Completed Jams
    HERE IS THE COMPLETED \'ROCKTOBER\' JAM Here it the spirit of guitars101 there are varying levels of expertise on the track-this is what we're all about; slapping those on the back that put in sterling work and encouraging others along...NO-ONE should feel left out of a jam. The hardest...
1-8 of 8 Results