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  1. Music Hall
    One thing in life I've put off, is buying any Black Label Society CD's. I've always been broke and any money I have gotten over the years has gone towards bills and being able to live, like a lot of other people I imagine. Anyway, I do a lot of my shopping on Amazon. When I started searching...
  2. Music Hall
    I can't remember who covered it- kind of a smallish hair band, maybe a little Southern rock. I can only find reference to Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer and some woman. It may have been an EP, but I think it was a full album. Any clues? Thanks.
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Hi all, I'm doing market research for a class project and need to find some user information: gender/age? level of experience? occupation? how many guitars do you own already? what do you look for when buying a guitar/bass? do you play in a band? do you play shows regularly? where do you...
  4. Bootleg Requests
    Hi everybody! :bannana_g 1. I've been looking for a torrent and I've found it on The problem is that for downloading this torrent I need an account, but I don't know why, I can't (and I've been trying for a long time). So, if somebody could dowload the torrent and then upload it...
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Guitar: Ibanez RG321mh 1 volume and 1 tone. I want 1 volume and tone for both pickups Hey. I bought 81/60s. They are clip ons and everything in my guitar is soldered. I want to install 2 pick ups/toggle select switch/ master volume and tone. I need a '152B Panel Jack', what is this? Also where...
1-5 of 7 Results