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  1. Music Hall
    Hey guys, recently found a great channel which features modern remixes of classic tracks! It's pretty underrated and definitely deserves some more love, check it out here!
  2. Bootleg Requests
    Hi there. Is there anyone out there who is/was a member of the queenzone forum? Looking for 2 of C_Matt's first queen remixes: Jazz and The Miracle (HD revisions) complete albums His remixes are wonderful listening experiences and all are still available apart from these two. Grateful for...
  3. MP3 Covers (General)
    Enjoy ... maybe :P Cheers Rich Down Unda
  4. Elvis Bootlegs
    Could anyone upload the album IT'S ELVIS IN THE MIX ? Thank you
  5. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Ringo Starr "Ringo - Rough Mixes vol. 5" volume 5 of 6 artwork included Six O'Clock - stereo remix insert take 5 Six O'Clock - stereo remix insert take 6 Six O'Clock - stereo remix insert take 7 Oh My My - stereo remix overdub take 2 Oh My My - stereo remix overdub take 3 Oh My My - stereo...
  6. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    U2 - Fruitlegs - Blueberry Track List: Beautiful Day (DJ Goose Mix) Beautiful Day (Dream Dance Remix) Beautiful Day (White Label Remix) Discothèque (Close To The Edge Mix) Discothèque (Mike Hedges Mix) Elevation (Samplephiliac Mix) shit sound Even better than the real thing (Klass Mix) In God's...
  7. Elvis Bootlegs
    First of all, let me say I really don't like remixes (specially those by Spankox), but a friend of mine likes them, so I uploaded it for him... Here's a review I found on the net: The Italian DJ Spankox 'reloaded' several Elvis Presley hits as a contribution to the 35th Anniversary...
  8. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    The Beatles - Alphabeat Publisher: Mean Mr. Mustard Records Date: 2004 Source: Internet download (FLAC) -> Here Artwork: from BootlegZone (included) The Beatles - Alphabeat Volume 18: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite 01. John and Kenny Everett at "Where It's At", Mono 02. George Martin...
  9. Elvis Bootlegs
    Elvis vs. Spankox - Re:Volution The long anticipated new Elvis Presley remix album was released on June 8, 2011. It's called Elvis Presley 'Re:Volution' and promises to set the new standard regarding Elvis' remixes. Produced by Agostino Carollo Spankox, 'Re:Volution' reinvents Elvis'...
  10. Elvis Bootlegs
  11. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi Everyone! My parents used to have a really good Vinyl LP called "Elvis: Guitar man". I think it was remixed by Felton Jarvis. It had remakes of tunes like "After Loving You" "Guitar Man" etc. Does anyone have a link for that? I can't seem to find our vinyl! Thank you very much!
  12. Elvis Bootlegs
  13. Elvis Bootlegs
  14. Elvis Bootlegs
  15. Elvis Bootlegs
    "33 years after his premature departure the new Elvis’ song You Give Me Fever is released as a commercial single. Based on Presley’s classic Fever, the new song features the original voice of the King in a whole new context, with new rap vocals, new female vocals and an ultra-contemporary...
  16. Elvis Bootlegs
  17. Elvis Bootlegs
  18. Elvis Bootlegs
1-18 of 45 Results