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rick nelson
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  1. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Rick Nelson - 1982-07-27 San Mateo County Fairgrounds - San Mateo, CA (Early and Late Shows) AUD Master (FLAC) Rick Nelson July 27, 1982 San Mateo County Fair San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA, USA (Early And Late Shows) Source : Aiwa CM30 > Aiwa HS-F1 Transfer From Master...
  2. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hello fellow Elvis fans . . . just wondering if anyone has the new Bear boxed set of Rick Nelson called "The Last Time Around." It's a 7 (I think) CD set that has all of Rick's albums and singles from 1970 to his last album. If anyone knows where I may be able to find it, please let me know...
  3. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hello fellow Elvis fans. I'm sure most all of us are able to find what "imports" we are looking for thanks to the hard work of some great people here on this site. I recently bought two CDs from this site: I personally think that Rick Nelson...
1-3 of 4 Results