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ricky nelson
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  1. Elvis Bootlegs
    Rick Nelson - For You, The Decca Years 63-69 6cd by Bear Family 320 mp3 cd 1-3!QNc0RQyT!FUANE0ObtJ_EKkCnk6Hfdo4Z4UEe0Wh_Zdbu6uBfhUk cd 4-6!YIVW3IgK!luzCtnuRH0111BOlKoeMd6clmZ1HpcCi3g1uuYGx18Q Great music! Enjoy...
  2. Music Hall
    Junior Parker died this day in 1971. Hear versions of "Mystery Train" by Parker, Elvis, Brian Setzer, Eric Clapton with Scotty Moore and Ricky Nelson here...
  3. Music Hall
    Rick(y) Nelson's appearance at an oldies reunion in 1971 inspires "Garden Party". See him perform this and John Fogerty's cover of it as well here...
1-3 of 3 Results