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romeo delight
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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    04-20-1998 - Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia Post A Thank You To See Hidden Download LinkDownload Here: 1.A.T.A.L. 2.When its Love 3.W.C.T.B.L. 4.Unchained 5.Meand St. 6.Panama 7.Romeo Delight 8.Without you 9.One 10.Y.T.T.D. 11.F.I.T.H. 2...
  2. Lessons and Tab
    :thumbup:David Lee Roth's Elephant Gun , Bottom Line, It's Showtime, Damn Good Times Racer X - Rock It, Blowin' the radio Van Halen - Romeo Delight Glenn Miller - Moonlight serenade Bullet Boys - Talk to your daugther Badlands - Silver Horses , Show me the way , Fire & Rain (james taylor...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Van Halen - 9/27/07Charlotte Bobcats Arena Charlotte, NC Disc 1 01 You Really Got Me -incomplete 02 I'm The One 03 Runnin' WithThe Devil 04 Romeo Delight 05 Somebody Get Me A Doctor 06 Beautiful Girls 07 Dance The Night Away 08 Atomic Punk 09 Everybody Wants Some 10 So This Is Love...
  4. Music Hall
    Well This isn't an audio bootleg so I may be posting this in the wrong place.But I figured Van Halen fans might like these.I was listening to KQRS this morning and a listener wrote in to them and sent them some pics of Van Halen rehearsing for their upcoming tour...The Morning show was also...
  5. Gear Photos
    MY AXE ...hope sombody likes it...
  6. Lessons and Tab
    I was wondering if anyone had any powertabs or the old JFrocks tabs for this album? It is the only Van Halen tab book I neglected to get and now it has been discontinued. I'm having a hard time finding them especially Romeo's Delight.
  7. Music Hall
    Hi guys, i was wondering. what would be the most perfect setlist of teh Van Halen reunion tour in 2007? here is my idea :beerbang: 01 - Light Up The Sky 02 - On Fire 03 - Unchained 04 - Drum Solo 05 - Little Dreamer 06 - Dave Talks 07 - 1984 + Jump 08 - The Full Bug 09 - Youre No Good 10 -...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    I dont think that this has been posted before, but anyone questioned "Why does everyone talk about Van Halen all the time?", just take a gander at this: A great example of the DLR Rap and some great rockin and rollin.....Good gosh what feel Ed had.
  9. Requests
    hey guys i know there is got to be a way just to delete the guitar out of tracks to give you a back track if so could someone tell me how or make me a couple van halen romeo delight ice cream man
  10. Lessons and Tab
    could someone please show me the exact scales eddie is using
  11. Music Hall
    My favorite Van Halen song would have to be Hot for Teacher or Jump. What's your favorite?:)
  12. Music Hall
    Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself listening to some Gary/Van Halen 1998 shows. (Thanks again Evh51501008) I was fortunate to see one show in Sydney and like mainy fans I was initially drawn to Gary's movements around the stage and did not really listen to his interpretation of...
  13. Music Hall
    Hey everyone. i have been reading a lot of websites around here and it seems like a lot of people are unhappy with how "BOBW" came out. The trackings are rough, the set-up is bad, ect. ect. So what i wanna see is what your track listing for "BOBW" would have been. Now too keep from everyone...
  14. Music Hall
    What do you think? 1. There's Only One Way To Rock 2. Good Enough 3. Mine All Mine/Drum Solo 4. Runaround 5. Romeo Delight (Mike on Vocals)/Bass solo 6. The Seventh Seal 7. I'm The One 8. The Dream Is Over 9. Best Of Both Worlds 10. Panama 11. Runnin' With The Devil 12. Poundcake 13. Why Can't...
  15. Music Hall
    Hey fans,fellow members wanted to get your thoughts on who you think put this current setlist together?Ed or Sam?I'll go first.I think Sam was the main source behind this current setlist,i think when he toured with Dave he heard the crowd go nuts with the Dave era songs.Also Sams solo stuff...
  16. Music Hall
    Eddie Van Halen fans...tell me your preferences. It is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child out of a brood. All have their merits and each bring love and joy to you and the wider world. So to answer this you really have to brave and explain to all the others children, that...
  17. Music Hall
    What is the most underrated VH song? My vote is The Dream Is Over.
  18. Music Hall
    Be honest! What's your personal favorite VH song?
  19. Music Hall
    Did anyone notice that on EVERY bootleg from the Diver Down tour, Dave fucks up the words to Romeo Delight in the exact same place with the exact same ad-lib every time? What's up with that?
  20. Music Hall
    Here Ya Go, You're Welcome!
1-20 of 29 Results