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  1. MP3s - Originals
    Hey Everyone- Hope you're having a rockin' day. Here's a link to my official original music blog. 14 albums in my catalog, critically acclaimed, world-wide fan base. I been making music independently for several decades. Best way to describe my stuff is Peter Gabriel meets Oingo Boingo...
  2. MP3s - Originals
    Guitar driven hard rock, catchy tunes, jammin instrumentals, a unique concept album I recorded in 2007 as part of a development deal.... (see song list on artwork below) For a complete story on how the album was recorded w pictures & bonus tks...
  3. MP3s - Originals
    2007 was a very musically productive year for me as it saw me release 3 albums and do various shows in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and parts of San Diego County. This album, One Foot In The Public Domain was the first album of that year and the third in my string of 13 albums from 2005 to 2010...
1-3 of 3 Results