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rusty cooley

  1. Music Hall
    ...who would you recommend me listening to for these types: The Ultimate shredder: The best on acoustic: The most unusual: The guitar gymnist: Best sense of melody:
  2. Battles Main
    Well this was a long time coming...besides being a battle enjoy some blues Axeshredder vs Taz Comments are more appreciated than votes..thanks
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Who is the fastest guitarist in the world and what is the world record for speed playing? Many websites say different things and none of them give statistics or any facts to prove anything...
  4. Music Hall
    I know there's an official google video thread, but i think this 8 YEAR OLD kid deserves his own thread. Sorry if it's already been posted...and sorry if you end up smashing your guitars with a hammer after you watch it..:77:
  5. Lessons and Tab
    I'm trying to learn how to shred and i can't seem to get my right hand fast enough. Any good excersices to develope speed and consistency? Much Appreciated
  6. Battles Main
    Another tech battle. Thanx to Italian stalian for the drums!!! I didn't have lots of time with it so I made some noise, and put (tried to) put my Jeffery stamp on it. :thumb:
  7. The Guitar Rack
    I never really paid to much attention to the Shrapnel Recording artists of the 80's and 90's so I didn't know anything about George Bellas but I ran across this video of him and I really liked his phrasing and vibrato. So what do think .....Y.R.O.(Yngwie Rip Off) or Tasteful shred blues?=bellas
  8. Music Hall I JUST DONT GET IT .........!! :wutblau: :wutblau: :sleep: I was watching but my mind went numb and my attention wandered and within 66 secs I had switched off completely , does anybody here listen to Theodore Ziras, what do...
  9. Music Hall Ssssssomebody P..P...P...Please mmmake that guy s..s.stop..... What the hell is THAT !!!!!!!:sleep: Does anybody here own any music by this guy , are his albums like this !! :eek4: BD
  10. Music Hall
    The more I listen to dream theater the less I can listen to metallica.DT squashes them like a bug.
  11. Music Hall
    Dude this is by far the sickest thing I've ever seen check it out :rock:
  12. Music Hall
    So the 90's are known as the decade that killed shred. Grunge took over , blah blah blah. But some gems still surfaced. Who was your favorite and or most inflential guitarist to come out in the 90's. Mine is John Petrucci.
  13. The Guitar Rack
    Hi;) My Guitar is an Ibanez RG570EX with basswood body... but the stock pickups don't have enough power & tone, so I want to change them. after some researches, I found DIMARZIO X2N & DIMARZIO SUPER2 as my choices, but I'm not sure. I mainly play high gain stuff...
  14. Music Hall
    well this is think is quite true th more i got into guitar the more i expected there to be a solo.havnt you noticed that guitarists tend to well not lisn to songs with solos like greenday.but we would rather lisn to our favourite hair bands.i thought this wuld be an interstng topic as i have...
  15. Lessons and Tab
    Ok guys I need help. I am just starting into John Petrucci's Rock Discipline and in just the second example, he has just shown me something I cant do. The example is a stretch from the second finger 10th fret of the G string to the 12th fret of the D string. Are there exercises or something...
  16. Battle Challenges
    only rules are, one guitar with no backing music must use tapping only and must be origional. around 1 min long, any takers?
  17. Lessons and Tab
    Hey guys i can't find a shredding instructional video anywhere, there was one on this board but the link is broken !! I really want to learn to shred and i don't even have a clue where to start. Any help on giving me a headstart would be greatly appreciated. I'll try return the favour some...
  18. Gear Photos
    not mine, but I am sure you can appreciate this, wish I had some sample audio cool huh FatesWebb
  19. Lessons and Tab
    i recorded some scales could ya tell me if there ok. this is a reall 15 year old (this mine i havnt stolen them hahah)
  20. Lessons and Tab
    Just feel like giving a nice, simple introduction to finger exercises for those who want to limber up and fly across those strings... Ex. 1 is based on a major scale constructed in thirds (ascending by seconds, though). It is a classic exercise and can be moved into minor, etc. It can also...