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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Hello All, When looking over the posts here, I see comments where you have taken a recording and increased or lowered the bottom end, made the drums sound crisper, taken out hiss, etc. My band recorded demos as well as live performances in the early-mid 90's which I have on cassettes. I...
  2. Reference
    I was wondering what free software people used to manipulate their music files? I am sure I am not the only one who has been happily using program A for someone to suggest I try program B and to find that B is so much better than A and I have been wasting my time with an inferior product as B...
  3. Lessons and Tab
    I developed an Android App to help memorize the notes on the fretboard called "Fretboard Learn". It has a bunch of different game modes to practice on (identifying the highlighted note, finding note X, finding all X notes on the fretboard). You can select what frets and strings to focus...
  4. Home Recording
    So I'm new to the home recording stuff. Recently, I purchased a Behringer Xenyx302 thinking that was all I needed. This thing sounds like crap... Not sure if I'm using it wrong, but there is MAJOR delay, and there is nothing to edit any effects. (Is there software I'm spose to be using it with...
  5. Home Recording
    hi, can anyone advise on a good quality soundcard for pc running on windows 8, also recommend the best software for live recording editing/ refresh boots etc, i have been told to get adobe audition , how good is this ,all comments appreciated, thank you in advance wayne
  6. Lessons and Tab
    Hi Folks, I want to buy a PC based guitar course. I've done a lot of research and the more i read the more conflicting reviews I find. If you have used guitar lesson software and liked the product please share. Please no opinions from anyone who is selling the product! I've found plenty of...
  7. The Guitar Rack
    For all the iPad users out there, you should definitely check out an app called Progression. My friend has been using the free version but last week the new version came out and it is so cool. You can tab your ideas and download tabs and edit anything. It has every type/style of guitar, bass...
  8. Home Recording
    Hi, new here. I know there are a few different kinds of guitar amp software available. I'm thinking of getting waves GTR. Do you any of you use that? Which other programs do you prefer?
  9. Home Recording
    Can you help me to download this programm free???:ball:
  10. Reference
    Hello, I found a Music Slow Down Software that is so good I must rave about it. It has the user interface that I have for a long time wished for in a software like this. It automatically loads all of your music for slow down and looping. When I add new songs to learn, it automatically loads...
1-10 of 13 Results