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  1. Music Hall
    Hi guys, from some time I thought, I should learn fretless guitar. As my techniques for the normal guitar, is not perfect, it seemed be impossible when I hold one for the first time in the hand. I discovered few new good fretless guitar players but one of them is great. It speak from Tom...
  2. Battle Challenges
    This website is the best in the world right now!
  3. Music Hall
    Check it Out:
  4. MP4 Videos
    The Rebel - A nude question - Nu Rock When a question of always never has nor will have an answer ... What is it? What does it make us? What is missing from DNA? I'm looking for that measure that is mine but the problem comes from afar I'm not...
  5. MP4 Videos
    A cloud above and two stones below Paper flower that smells of ink How much you will know That you will never tell Candelight That lights my eyes To read The tales of Rangon Castles of silver Castles of gold Strange places Perhaps Perhaps A cloud...
  6. MP4 Videos
    There are trips that you do not realize you're doing until you get to where you did not know you were going. Regards, Mora Amaro La Loba I walk walk going to the Moon I wear a skirt of red flowers that sway between the folds with the dance of...
  7. MP4 Videos
    Slowly - Vocal Song with Lyrics by Marcus Nalgaber I am sailing to the beach I am sailing I'm already entering Clouds of sand over the beach it's very windy I comb your hair on the beach I'm combing it caressing it On the...
  8. MP4 Videos
    Là où les rêves se jettent - Nu Music Regards, Marcus
  9. MP4 Videos
    Thanks for the life Regards, Marcus
  10. The Jam Room
    What is a doubt? A key that opens doors? What is a doubt? doubt? it has no face it has no mouth what is a doubt? a key that opens doors it's just obsession Obsession Doubt Such a small word to describe what is immense What is a doubt...
  11. MP4 Videos
    Drops of Madness - Jazz Fusion Improvisation Lights under the sea - Jazz Fusion Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  12. MP4 Videos
    Obstinato - Neo Classical Style Thundarek - Deep Fusion Style Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  13. MP4 Videos
    In the corner of the night Night plagued with streets that only exist where dreams happen… See you! Night of echoes that appear in the ears with distant insistence Night of steps looking for themselves between own mists Night plagued with...
  14. MP4 Videos
    Silver Beach Fusion Backing Track in C#m7 and Em7 + Demo Guitar Improvisation Silver Beach - Guitar Improvisation Silver Beach Fusion Backing Track in C#m7 and Em7 - 124 bpm Best regards, Marcus
  15. MP4 Videos
    Everything was true, everything was a lie I discovered Universe one night lost in my yesterday when I was lying on the top of a well on the top of a well All the things were stars giving depth to the sky Everything was true everything was a lie under that...
  16. MP4 Videos
    The ghost - Mystery Song There are songs that are born out of certain experiences that leave you shipwrecked in the middle of a sea of bewilderment and disappointment, and this song is one of those, a little revenge without rhyme or reason but which I really enjoyed thinking... If ...
  17. MP4 Videos
    Birds and nature like to make music with us humans To be continued... Best Regards, Marcus
  18. MP4 Videos
    The red curtains - A dangerous story Innocence, that fragile and transparent envelope that many want to break She searched in her memory the innocence she had when she was a child a child a child But feels suddenly lost between red curtains Red curtains Red...
  19. MP4 Videos
    Fragile Talk - Electric Guitar Music A greeting, Marcus
  20. MP4 Videos
    They are only spikes on the stairs - Take 1 and Take 2 Best Regards
1-20 of 85 Results