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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Staind live at Nürburgring race track, Centerstage FM broadcast 'Das Ding' (Germany) unknown lineage, but sound quality is 10/10 setlist (full concert was broadcasted) 1. Suffocate 2. Falling 3. Just Go 4. The Way I Am 5. Pressure 6. For You 7. It's Been Awhile 8. Spleen 9. Outside 10...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Staind - Foxboro Stadium, Mansfield, USA, 27-05-2000 Source: FM Broadcast Radio intro / Suffocate A Flat Just Go Me Sober (Tool cover) Crawl Home Raw Spleen Fade stajkcoue.rar - FileFactory
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Enjoy, from your friend JITF :D Staind February 19, 2006 Myth Maplewood, Minnesota, USA Download:!NFhwmRRI!7mtVY3Aa10MWNceckcndGvxdNakOsQ2gskmlBAwaE8M Format: .mp3 Bitrate: 128 kbps
  4. MP3 Covers (General)
    Hi, check out my entry at Staind - "Not Again" solo contest:!/opportunities/staind-guitar-solo-opportunity/submissions/69354 and give me some feedback.:hey: Cheers, T.
  5. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Here is Staind at The MTV's Unplgged TRL studios, New York, Ny, 7-16-2001 (Tracks 1-9 ) These are Excellent studio And soundboad recordings on MP's Track List 1-Home 2-me 3-Excess baggage 4-Waste 5-epiphany 6-It's Been Awhile 7-can't believe 8-Fade 9-Outside...
  6. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    YES the first cd from Staind ...VERY HARD TO FIND TORMENTED CD !!!!!! With Some Rare bonus tracks :dancingna track List 1-Tolerate 2-Come Again 3-Break 4-Painful 5-Nameless 6-Mudshovel 7-See Through 8-Question 9-No One's Kind 10-Self Destruct 11-Four walls Bonus tracks 12-Excess Baggage...
  7. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    The last song is out in front without the mike, so you can really tell Aaron's range KC Star review with pictures...
  8. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Staind_Sprint_Center_Kansas_City_Oct_10th_2009_boosted.mp3 Size:51873 KB Review here and KC Star review here...
  9. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Staind: Boutwell Auditorium (August 8, 2006) Birmingham, AL Source: SoundPro SP-CMC4c > Soundpro Battery Box > Sony MZ-M100 > WAV > Sony Sound Forge 8 > TLH > FLAC > MP3 Location: Right speaker stack 40' from stage - Stealth Recording Personnel: Aaron Lewis - vocals Mike Mushok - guitar Johnny...
1-9 of 10 Results