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steel dragon

  1. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Maybe you guys can help me out. I've got some ebay purchases minus manuals and can't find them on the web. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. :rock: Manuals for: Rivera TBR-5 Rocktron Hush IIC
  2. The Lounge
    Ok, here's how it works... I will name a band and the next person has to name a band that starts with the last letter of the band I named and then so on... Here is an example I say LED ZEPPELIN The next person says NERVANA and so on. Let's give it go... Van Halen
  3. Gear Photos
    Never forgotten....
  4. The Lounge
    Okay, they're making a movie about your life. Although you can't play yourself in the movie, they've graciously allowed you to pick what songs go on the soundtrack. You only get to pick 10. What are they? 1. Little Guitars 2. Mean Streets 3. Tropic of Capricorn (Sammy Solo) 4. In a Simple...
  5. Backing Track Managers
    These seem to get requested alot. I was thinking about this and although there isn't enough backings with vocals to have a seperate forum, it would be cool to have them all in one place! So, rather than putting them in the free section (and having to repost them every few months), we can put...
  6. Music Hall
    Ok, I've combined 7 short clips into one file. Who can be the first one to name all 7 songs and bands name for each??? If you're a die-hard 80's metal freak like myself, this should be fairly easy ...if not they may have you scratching your head. I just bet they'll all sound a bit...
  7. Backing Track Managers
    Give me everything you've got!!
  8. Backing Track Managers
    From the movie ROCK STAR! i made this one stripped the midi from guitarpro tab and used fruityloops to enhance and record the BT. Soundfonts used: Acoustic Guitar --> SteelString Drums --> Hard Drum Electric Bass --> Janzen Ibanez the rest --> GM (SB Live!) happy jamming everybody and...
  9. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hope this list is helpful......and it save my space in the other section as well..... 1)Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
  10. Backing Track Managers
    Let's keep all the requests in this thread here, it will make it nice and clean in this forum as far as all the topics with attachments keeping the icon.