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steely dan

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    Mark Knopfler ! possibly my favourite guitarist of all time i was reminded of this today when listening to their 1983 live album alchemy , great versions of their songs *Never* like they are on the original , great guitar playing and the album is so pure they've hardly touched it at all except...
  2. MP3s - Originals
    hey guys i dug this up today i'd forgotten all about it .. this is about 2 years old this one , when i was a youngin ! hehe I can't remember what i called it .. but it's with my friend playing bass .... i might just add as well that back then i used to play exclusively with my fingers and i...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    I'm opening this thread so we can tell our story as a musician. Wheter you are/were in band, made any money, or just picked up the instrument because you wanted to make noise, tell us about it. I'm sure there are tons of great stories to be told and to share. It's all right here, baby!