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  1. The Guitar Rack
    Hi Everyone, I got hold of a Lick Library DVD with 50 Killer Metal Licks on it and I really liked the section in regards to harmonics and have been playing round trying to get the harmonics to come through. I can get the natural harmonics on the 12th & 7th fret but I cannot get the...
  2. Battles Main
    heres my take on this bt.i have batle on this bt once before but i changed lot of things on this take so its not the same. best of luck guitar kid
  3. Lessons and Tab
    Hey, I've been playing guitar for about a year but because of constant practice I've managed to develop my technique quite well. However after a recent jam at a freinds house I've been wanting to learn how to sweep, I've read many articles about it but I just find it really complicated, can...
  4. Lessons and Tab
    could you guys tell and there positions tab anything would be good.ill be really grateful
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Hi, these are my first ever recordings. I didn't think these belong in MP3 forum since they are just clips/riffs and not complete songs. I just want to get your guys opinion on if these riffs sound right. I've been playing since roughly September 5th of this year, so like 3 weeks? If you listen...
  6. Music Hall
    In the December 2005 edition of Guitar World, Steve Vai is asked the following question in the "Dear Guitar Hero" section. If you had to design a Mount Rushmore for guitar players, what four faces would you put there? I'm a rock guitarist, so I'll speak in those terms. If I had to point out...
  7. Music Hall
    Okay, I just read through a bunch of threads talking all kinds of shit about bands that aren't crazy skilled in the most technical aspect of their instruments. There seem to be a extremely large number of people (in general AND on this site) that seem to think that for music to have any value...
  8. Battle Challenges
    :bannana_g BATTLE A MONKEY :bannana_g ROLL UP ROLL UP FOLKS... Take on a Plank Spankin' Monkey in a LATIN style battle... Kind of a Steve Vai meets Jow Satriani whilst getting high at a club run by Santana... :scif890: :scif890: :scif890: :scif890: :scif890:
  9. MP3s - Originals
    This one took me some time to get right! It modulates between major and minor keys and you have to time it right to change when it does! I was wanting something 'epic' sounding in a Steve Hackett (early Genesis guitar LEGEND) vein as I'm a big fan of his 'Spectral Mornings' album...especially a...
  10. Battles Main
    Thank you dutch for the BT. enjoy, i know yours will be killer dutch, i just winged most of mine and only "mapped out" some harmonies. Mostly improvised and played what i heard in my head. :mix:
401-412 of 500 Results