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stevie ray
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  1. Backing Track Managers
    6 TG BTs Now working BT # 1 from Total Guitar Funk Frenzy
  2. Music Hall
    has anyone seen the xray of his fingers??? they are about double the size of mine, seriously if you haven't ill find it and put it up cause its something to see!
  3. Music Hall check it out 9hrs left & upto $33000.....makes my serial no 10 look like a steal at $12k!!!
  4. Backing Track Managers
    These seem to get requested alot. I was thinking about this and although there isn't enough backings with vocals to have a seperate forum, it would be cool to have them all in one place! So, rather than putting them in the free section (and having to repost them every few months), we can put...
  5. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Today I recorded my version of Riviera Paradise from Stevie Ray Vaughan. I love the song itself so I gave it a little try. I hope you people dig it!! I hardly ever listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan coz I don't have any cd's from him besides this song really but after doing this kinda stuff I surely...
  6. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Had to let go a little. I spent as much time on the effect and the playing, Hope ya like this one.
  7. Music Hall
    SRV died August 27, 1990. I think we all should have a moment of silence to remember him and all he did for us.
  8. Backing Track Managers
    Another one Stevie Ray made worth listening to. BPP
  9. Backing Track Managers
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
  10. Backing Track Managers
    David Bowie: Let\'s Dance I think it's fixed. Hope it works. BPP
  11. The Guitar Rack
    everytime i hear somebody saying Clapton is the best player in the world or he is God , when i think we all know the real Messiah of rock guitar is non other than Jimmy Page , going back in time before Clapton , even played on TV when he was a kid , then went through all the session stuff ...
  12. Amps and Amp Modeling
    hi i m french so i gonna try to explain myself proprely my question is wich amp between the fender hot rod delux and the fender bassman is the best if i ant the srv sound ?? excuse my english and spelling
  13. Monthly MP3 Contest
    Hey guys this month the contest will be once again a bit different... it will be "In the style of" .. you can post a cover or an original in the style of the selected artist for the month ... this months artist is Stevie Ray Vaughn so you can post up an SRV cover or an original you've...
201-215 of 262 Results