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stevie vie

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    STEVIE\'S BACK FROM TIBET! Peace and good kharma fretlings. I've just arrived back from a 3 month stay with the Maharajah and he's taught me lots of new philosophies...and the mixylodian 13th scale as well! He can spank that plank!! I'm now available for seances and other wierd shit...but no...
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    hi guys .. lately i've been growing really sick of all the music i listen to . and i wasj ust wondering what do you guys recommend i listen to for something new ? ... i love van halen (of course) but i also love jazz as well ! what's your favourite guitar album atm ? ?
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    Stevie Vie has graced us with his presence and will take your questions. Let's hope he is a bit nicer than Wengie!
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    EVH\'s amp Hey i was wondering if you guys know what amp eddie used during the dave era while on the road, some people told me he used a super lead 100 and other say a jcm 800. Some say it was hot rodded other say it wasnt. I dont know who to believe! HELP!