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  1. Lessons and Tab
    Hey fellas I got this full shred program here: If you enjoy it you can also get the program "the secret of playing fast" plus loads of backing tracks and tabs by folowing the video link shred on :)
  2. MP4 Videos
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I wanted to share a video I recently put up on youtube. Hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what you think!
  3. Lessons and Tab
    Hey y'all check out this clip from my Rock licks DVD lesson. Check out the page at and hit "like" to get discount on the lessons.
  4. Lessons and Tab
    Hey guys check this out. If you dig it visit my website or Youtube channel for more clips of Rock, Blues/rock etc. Thanks for watching TJ
  5. MP3s - Originals
    Hey all, so here's the deal: I'm looking to get better, and I want you to critique my playing based on this song (i.e. assess my limitations and strengths as a player). The song is called "club shred" and the link/embed is below. I know it says you want MP3's but I don't want my sonds to be...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    Here's Frank Gambale playing Dangerous Curves. Notice around 2:02 he starts playing a style that sounds like Mario Bros or something. Anyone know where I can learn this technique? :runaway:
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Hi all I'm a rather new guitarist, and I'm currently learning sweeping techniques on electric guitar for solo purposes. Problem is I can't seem to sweep cleanly. I seem to have this problem of getting a lot of noisy while sweeping. The moment I lift my finger off a fret to go to the next...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    i started playing guitar about two months ago and im not very good yet. im going to start practicing alternitive picking so i can play really fast. i have a few questions about it. 1.Is it hard to learn alternitive picking and how long does it usually take to get rather good at it...
  9. MP3s - Originals
    This is my first post in months after the demise of my father in law. This is an old song which I recorded several months ago. I haven't named it, so if you guys wanna name it go ahead. At times, I feel that my solo sounded too repetitive and forgive for my lame attempt at sweep picking some...
  10. Music Hall
    dont know where this move it as you please(to the mods!!!!) i'm just about to punch a whole through the next person who argues with me about this. not just that, but i will pull out their entire guts, tie em around their head and hang them from the cn tower for 2 days, before i take...
  11. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Playing around with the JSX combo and some new effects, that I still haven't figured out yet. The amp is on quite low volume and EQ is set neutral (12 oclock). The first part is using a fender US strat (with a mix of mic and a little camera audio) and the second part using a custom made 5150...
  12. Lessons and Tab
    Does anyone have any good exercsices to help improve sweep picking?
  13. Music Hall I JUST DONT GET IT .........!! :wutblau: :wutblau: :sleep: I was watching but my mind went numb and my attention wandered and within 66 secs I had switched off completely , does anybody here listen to Theodore Ziras, what do...
  14. The Guitar Rack
    well this has to be one of the hardest things IMO...i mean i have tried to write some stuff but it's just not coming to me.people told me not to think so much but it but it still doesnt come to easy...any suggestions or techniques?i know it's a lame question but i need some help.:wutblau:
  15. Lessons and Tab
    I have a great problem on unwanted noise when i do sweep picking. I can use right hand to palm mute the string when i do the upstroke. But how can i mute the string when i do the upstroke? pls help.... this thing annoying me so much.. i really want to improve my skill. thx all
  16. Lessons and Tab
    im having trouble trying to transribe this chiptune to guitar. Don't know where to start. If someone could give me a clue, that would be very helpful. Its a pretty cool tune. Its 3:40 minutes long and its on a trainer for Oblivion the game. Heres the link to the trainer...
  17. Music Hall
    Who here has been blessed to see this man live? I saw him live this last saturday at a bar and it was an amazing show. I scored a few of his picks and even one of his gutiar strings that he tore of his guitar durin his big gitar solo. Pretty cool set, i suggest anyone who can get tickest to...
  18. Battles Main
    hey this is my first battle :ohnoes: heres my bit of soloing over a heavy BT... waiting for your track pranav..:Sylvia: sam....
  19. Completed Jams
    Allright boys and's a real "kewl" jam track that we all put together for ya's!!!! MegaVerb was the thrust behind this one.....put up the track and we all just jumped on in!!!!! It's to a backer based on Steely Dan's "Do it again"!!! Was a friggin' blast!!!!! Enjoy all!!!!!:thumb...
1-19 of 78 Results