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  1. Lessons and Tab
    I put them on my website:
  2. Lessons and Tab
    Heres some L.A. Guns tabs. The Ballad Of Jane (guitar, lyrics) Kevorkian (solo/guitar) I am Alive (guitar, bass) Electric Gypsy (solo/guitar) Cry No More (Keyboard, Guitar) Bitch Is Back (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums) rock on :irock:
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Hi, Is this guitar book exist in PDF and where I could find and download them please Vol 1 Vol 2...
  4. Lessons and Tab
    Hi! Made arrangement for solo guitar of beautiful classic Over the Rainbow. There is also tabs and tutorial video available. I hope you like it! :) Kindest, Mikko
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Hello there. I have built a new website for guitarists in order to write tabs. I checked and there weren't any good tab writers online (ASCII tabs), so I went and programmed one. I almost finished, only the capo and the play tabs features are yet to be programmed, but I would like you to view...
  6. Lessons and Tab
    Hi! I have done some free lessons with tabs/notation, analysis, backing tracks. If you are interested you can check them out! Kindest, Mikko :wavey:
  7. MP3 Covers (General)
    Hi Guys, If any of you enjoy a bit of country / jazz picking please take a look at this little clip of me picking out Mr Sandman in the style of Chet Atkins Mr Sandman - fingerstyle guitar
  8. Lessons and Tab
    This is a video of me playing Suffocation's song/Abomination Reborn I hope you like It
  9. Lessons and Tab
    Does anyone know these tabs and care to share?
  10. Lessons and Tab
    Hi everybody! I picked up guitar at about a year ago, and I really liked learning songs by going to Jellynote or Songsterr to look for tabs and chords and stuff. The thing is that I just started with a teacher, who told me that getting used to tabs was THE WORST THING I could do, as I wouldn't...
  11. Lessons and Tab
    Hi everyone, I just to transcribe thes tabs for this new song! You can check my work just here: Enjoy :) :) :)
  12. Lessons and Tab
    Hi guys, where can I find jimmy reed tabs? I'm going crazy to find "JIMMY REED - MASTER BLUESMAN" book, but it' s now out of print. I appreciate your help very much!!! Bye Alf
  13. Lessons and Tab
    Full Album Guitar Tabs/Transcriptions Collection Sepultura – Chaos A.D. – Full Album Guitar Tabs and Transcriptions PDF eBook Richie Blackmore – Best Of Deep Purple – Full Album Guitar Tabs and Transcriptions PDF eBook Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication – Full Album Guitar Tabs...
  14. Lessons and Tab
    Hello friends, just learning to play here. I'm looking for a good resource for tabs and chords, especially for Oasis. Many thanks in advance!
  15. Lessons and Tab
    Looking everywhere for scans to the Waiting for the Punchline album. Anyone have any? Thanks in advance! :77:
  16. The Guitar Rack
    Hi..Recommending you guys a good guitar score site.. Lots of resources such as guitar scores available for free download... Hope this website helps for the guitarists out there.... thanks....
1-16 of 31 Results