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theory of a deadman

  1. Bootleg Requests
    Great site! Any chance that someone out there has anything by Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman or Cavo? I have been able to get the one Theory of a Deadman show, but would love some others. Also, I was hoping more Daughtry shows would pop up on here. Thanks!!
  2. Bootleg Requests
    Does anyone have any theory of a deadman live bootlegs? if you do please contact me..thank you!!!
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Hey looking for theory of a deadman live shows. if anyone has any please contact me! Thank you!!!
  4. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Theory of a Deadman 2009-10-08 Nouveau Casino, Paris France Source : MM-HLSC-1 (on hat) > SP-SPSB-6524 > Edirol R09-HR @ 24/48 (line-in). Conversion : SanDisc 8Go Memory Card > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (-0.5dB normalisation/24-bit > 16-bit) > tracked w/CD Wave > FLAC (Compression level 6)...
  5. Bootleg Requests
    Was wondering if anybody has any descent soundboard audio from these guys. They really rock...