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  1. Requests
    Hey guys! This is my first post here. And I'll start right away with a request. I'm searching for the Canon Rock backingtrack in good quality. I've only got a shity sounding mp3 from youtube, and that hearts my ears evertime I hear it. Hope somebody can help me out! Merry Christmas to...
  2. Requests
    I don't know if anyone can do this but I'm looking a backing track of Forever by KISS with out the vocal and lead guitar
  3. MP3s - Originals
    hi guys, new track from my online band Ahi with our new song Zilly. Hope you guys enjoy!
  4. Requests
    but i can't find any backing track ! i want a slow one like a ballad,but on the net there are only metalish backing tracks,i m new with the scale so i want to start slowly to get ir right anyone ?
  5. Requests
    hello all I would like a bt for Santana Waiting. Much appreciated
  6. Requests
    Hello out there! has anyone got/can make me a mr sandman bt with rhythm guitar, bass and drums? much appreciated! p.s ive got tons of bts to trade and i will be more than willing to do so if someone could get me this bt... thanks Peace~
  7. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hi have you got a rolling stones sympathy for the devil backing track, ill be very grateful and have tons to trade. Peace~
  8. Requests
    How goes it everyone? I've been looking for these Backing Tracks for a while now and some I found but they're like karaoke versions only, I need them without the guitar part. If anyone can make them or point me in the right direction for them I would really appreciate it. I've already visited...
1-8 of 9 Results