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  1. Lessons and Tab
    Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - Guitar Lesson [Fingerpicking & New Losson has just released on PlayAcoustic Youtube channel
  2. Lessons and Tab
    Hello Everyone, I've just uplaod a new lesson "how to play havana" check it out
  3. Lessons and Tab
    Hello, You can see the my tutorial video of Hotel california Intro tabs included, hope you will like it Thanks
  4. Lessons and Tab
    Hello Everyone, If you would like to at glance my youtube channel just check the below link. I will try to show most popular songs guitar lesson. I have been playing acoustic guitar for 10 years. Channel
  5. Lessons and Tab
    Hi everyone, an easy tutorial of how to play Sunshine of your love riff, with 2 velocities and tab :laugh: Regards !!
  6. MP4 Videos
    Hi everyone I´m here to share with you my cover of "We are Young" Hope you enjoy
  7. Lessons and Tab
    Hi guys, here is the video tutorial on how to play guitar. It is for begginres, intermedia,and advanced players too. This is Learn and Master Guitar. Donnt know if anyone posted yet, so sorry if I'm bodering you with it :) Here are the links for the first Lesson... Tunin tutorial...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    Hey, i really want to start playing guitar, i don't mind how long it takes because i have patience. I do not really have funds to afford lessons as i have other stuff going but am quite good at picking stuff up myself. So if there is any resources on the internet that could help it would...
1-9 of 9 Results