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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Sammy Hagar - Selland Arena fresno Ca 09 18 1978 original source youtube channel FresnoMediaRestoration ripped uncut Mp3 from youtube edited and enhanced in Audacity and saved as a WAV i am not familiar enough with sammys work to cut this...
  2. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    Van Halen Random Shot - Liberated Bootleg Balance Tour - Kickoff show March 11, 1995 Pensacola Civic Center Pensacola, FL Lineage = "Random Shot" 2CD Matrix: DGCD 052-2 [Silvers] -> EAC [secure] -> WAV -> Trader's Little Helper [FLAC - level8] **Excellent SOUNDBOARD recording sourced from...
  3. Music Hall
    Sammy Hagar to hit studio with guitar hero Joe Satriani and ex-Van Halen bassist 11 hours ago TORONTO —
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Live At Selland Arena Fresno, CA December 14th, 1986 This is an excellent recording, can't tell if it is SBD or A+ audience. Sounds very damn close to soundboard if you ask me! Virtually no audience noise. On this fateful night, the mighty Eat 'Em and Smile Band fires on all cylinders and...
  5. Music Hall
    Just wondering how long before eddie and/or dave quit the tour I'm giving it 2 weeks, tell me your guess thanks
  6. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    "Dreams" off 5150, the new era of Van Halen (aka Van Hagar). Ok, folks, I posted this about 7 months ago in the "80s" Forum and nothing. Not even a "this sucks". No while alot of the mistakes that I made recording process I have now figured out how to make them sound better, I...
  7. The Guitar Rack
    I want to know when he play "tapping" in the end of eruption what's the effect he use???
  8. Music Hall
    So who is going to win the onstage fight when Van Halen takes the stage in 2007? I think Dimond Dave. Lets face it even if the reunion happens its going to end on a sour note and fast.
  9. Music Hall
    From Melodic VAN HALEN AND ROTH - FINALLY IN 2007: No more teasing. Never tease where Van Halen is concerned...I have information from a highly placed source that Van Halen will likely tour in 2007 with David Lee Roth as frontman. Negotiations are currently underway to...
  10. Lossy Audio Bootlegs 1.Intro 2.Welcome To The Jungle 3.It's So Easy 4.Mr. Brownstone 5.Live And Let Die 6.Happy Birthday für den Stage Manager 7.Madagascar 8.Robin Solo 9.Sweet Child O' Mine 10.Band Jazz 11.Dizzy Solo 12.The Blues 13.Jazz Jam 14.Richard+Robin Solo (Beautiful)...
  11. Music Hall
    I was listening to the post DLR era Albums for the last 10 years now.. I know there's two camps in this debate but generally I am on the DLR side, the music just doesn't seem as some exceptions namely Good Enough, 5150, Amsterdam, and a few others. I was thinking what if DLR never...
  12. MP3s - Originals
    Hello, people. I'd like to share some pics from 02 Heavy Metal bands I've played with in the 90's. I also got these 02 files with 02 songs. Hope you like the stuffs. Enjoy! :thumb: Deja-Vu - Mark 1 From left to right: Julio Cesar (bass), Cleber (vocal), Daniel de Mattos (guitar), Renato...
  13. Music Hall
    I've only heard two songs: Runnin With The Devil and Eruption and I love both. What albums should I start with? And from those albums, what tracks?
  14. Music Hall
    Check it out everyone, here is a new interview Sammy did with he talks about the new tour and cd and about EVH as well Sammy Hagar is gearing up for summer with a new album and a tour about to...
  15. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Half-assed attempt at this, using a "Balance" style guitar tone instead of a classic Van Halen. Came out a bit muddy but it was fun to play. Haven't learnt all the solos properly yet so I winged it. Lots of errors and the volume swells were far too sudden. But agh, what can you do...I'm...
  16. Music Hall
    April 1, 1985...the day that the news broke about David Lee Roth leaving Van Halen. What were your thoughts when you first heard the news that Dave was starting his own band and that Sammy Hagar would be the new singer for VH? How bout when you first heard "Why can't this be love"? and "Yankee...
  17. Music Hall
    Try beating this one guys......... I am a Viking by Yngwie:eek4: Dear God , how did he come up with lyrics as bad as this ? BD
1-18 of 65 Results