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  1. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Thought I would post this here for old times sake. Finally fixed my drum machine so I was able to put this together. Pretty hard VH song. I must admit I was hangin by my fingernails the whole time even though this is a very slow version. I've always known this song as "Where Were You" from 1977...
  2. Monthly MP3 Contest
    Sorry for the delayed poll, Ive been having some connection problems, but now I'm up and running again, so here's the poll that will decide the winner of the September mp3 of the month competition! Lots of great entries, so go and have a listen and cast your vote! :thumb: Then entries are...
  3. Monthly MP3 Contest
    This month it's time to do your best Eddie Van Halen impression. You can chose to do a Van Halen cover of any other song in the style of EVH. May the best Eddie win!
  4. Music Hall
    Thanks to "WhoaYeah" at the Army for putting this up.... Its great to see Ed can still belt it out!!
  5. Monthly MP3 Contest
    Written, performed, recorded by James Limborg Hawaiian Instrumental (Clean electric) ©1989
  6. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Here is my cover of VH's Somebody Get Me a Doctor. I doubled the rhythms and leads. Not note for note but stayed faithfull to original. All feedback is appreciated. Crank it up Man!!!! I used a Zakk Les Paul, V-amp2(stock EVH preset) and Audacity.
  7. Music Hall
    Rocker and tequila mogul Sammy Hagar has rolled out the initial itinerary for his summer tour, during which he'll pull double duty by fronting his solo band, The Wabos, and a new side project, The Other Half, which also features Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. The road trip kicks off...
  8. Music Hall
    For the life of me I cannot play slide therefore I really don't listen to too many players. I cannot really make out who is exceptional and who is Mick Mars. Just was wondering what people who actually know a bit about good and bad slide players think of Eddie's limited work with the slide...
  9. Music Hall
    I took KC's great smiley idea from the Lounge thread and came up with my own idea. Can you name the Van Halen songs by using my smiley icons as hints?? This will take some thought! For example, if you see a "sleeping" icon, it might NOT necessarily mean "sleep" so you have to really think about...
  10. Music Hall
    How many Van Halen songs are on your playlist? This includes demo's and non album songs. I got 107 Van Halen songs.
  11. Music Hall
    I think this one of the more underrated albums of the 90's... ESP if you inclue That's Why I Love You. It gaves us a different side of Van Halen and contained some of Ed's more inspired playing. My favs include: Without You, Fire In THe Hole, Once, That's Why I Love You, One I Want and Year To...
  12. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    This is my first post with backing tracks..... Two versions presented with slightly different effects set-up. Version One was a first take with a punch-in at the harmonics part in before the second solo. Version Two is a first take, complete with my mistakes (I got really outta place goin...
  13. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Well after that whole mess about a few months ago I desided to buy an Ibook laptop and record with Garageband 2. Very awsome software to record with. I have 2 Van Halen songs on there and one of my own which is a cool song but needs some work. SO if you dont mind and go to my website and give me...
  14. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Might get me in the top 10 worst guitarists thread, but hey ho... :icon_redf Your opinions would be most welcome. I think I'm doing better than I have ever done on it, but I'd like your honest opinions... :bowdown:
  15. Lessons and Tab
    Hey, i was looking at some tabs for songs, and i noticed there are synth solo's played on guitar! what exactly is a synth solo and why is it called what it is? and would anybody be up for going like a little demo for me coz i listen to the music and doesn't make sense. thanks
  16. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Being the type of person who thinks about something only when it enters my head, after reading a post by diamonddaveroth re Eruption, I thought, 'Bugger it, lets have a go at some of the stuff I used to play every week!'. Having been on the recieving end of 6 or 7 beers before hand, I left ALL...
  17. Amps and Amp Modeling
    I was curious to see how the 5150 combo would hold up playing along with a few early Van Halen songs. I took out Ed's guitar and played along with the right channel of the song which on the CD only has his effect return with no guitar. I didn't try to copy the exact sound of the album or...
1-17 of 43 Results