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  1. Video Bootlegs
    Radiohead - 2011-07-09 The King Of Limbs: From The Basement (m4v) 01 - Bloom.m4v 02 - The Daily Mail.m4v 03 - Feral.m4v 04 - Little By Little.m4v 05 - Codex.m4v 06 - Separator.m4v 07 - Lotus Flower.m4v 08 - Staircase.m4v 09 - Morning Mr. Magpie.m4v 10 - Give Up The Ghost.m4v 11 - Bonus Track...
  2. Video Bootlegs
    Does anybody have the following DVD to upload please. Been looking for this for a long time.wavey:
  3. Bootleg Requests
    Looking for this if anyone has it.
  4. Video Bootlegs
    Rik Emmet and Bruce Cockburn In Session 1981
  5. Bootleg Requests
    Hi, I’m looking for episodes of Later... with Jools Holland that I don’t already have in HD (list here: I’m particularly looking for Series 31 Episode 1 in HD, but I’m interested in any episode I don’t already...
  6. Bootleg Requests
    Hi, I'm looking for the following pro shot videos of Nightwish London 2005 (youtube quality is just awful) Mexico 2012 (only available back in a day on YLE Finnish TV as a stream) Ohio 2016 Graspop Festival 2016 In the case of the last 3 I'd be hoping for a HD
  7. Lossless Audio Bootlegs
    The Allman Brothers Band Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY November 2, 1972 Source: Soundboard This download includes a video of the show This is also one of the first performances of Ramblin' Man 01. One Way Out 02. Ramblin' Man 03. Whipping Post
  8. Video Bootlegs
    Bon Jovi DVD: 1984-03-28 Thicke Of The Night Show (PRO) 1984-04-28 American Brandstand Show (PRO) 1984-08-11 Super Rock Fest, Tokyo, Japan (PRO) 1985-06-18 Tilburg, Holland (AUD) [MASTER] 1985-09-22 Champaign, Ilinois, USA (PRO) [Farm Aid I and II] 1985-10-05 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (AUD)...
  9. Bootleg Requests
    Looking for the elusive Stevie Ray Vaughan's full ACL 1983 non-broadcasted complete video performance with all the false starts. I've seen low quality snippets of the performance outtakes and have read that there is a full pro shot video somewhere out there in someone's collection. Just thought...
  10. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi everyone, Several years ago I transferred lots of Elvis-video recordings from videotape. I hope that you like them... Digitally recorded TV-documentaries: Elvis in Las Vegas Documentary Elvis lives on Documentary Elvis' autopsie - Zijn lichaam vertelt het echte verhaal Documentary...
  11. Bootleg Requests
    Just wanting to check if anyone has any full concerts from sabaton's 2020 tour? preferebly one of the sweden shows. Much appreciated in case anyone does and is willing to share.
  12. Bootleg Requests
    Does anyone here have these videos of early Aerosmith? Have they even circulated? 1) Dream On, on American Bandstand on December 15, 1973. Season 17, Episode 15 - Billy Preston is on the same episode.
  13. Bootleg Requests
    It's on but without a seed, and I'm stuck at 88.9% for two months. Or any other version without audio issue. Thanks
  14. Video Bootlegs
    Does anyone have a video of GnR Argentina singing Dead Flowers?
  15. Bootleg Requests
    Hi everybody, I was looking everywhere and I couldn't find these shows: Arte TV France - Hellfest: Dans Le Chaudron Noir Du Metal (2012) V.A. - Loud Park 2006 (MTV) V.A. - Loud Park 14 (Saitama Super Arena 18-19/10/2014 - Saitama, Japan) If someone has them, please share, I would appreciate it...
  16. Bootleg Requests
    I run 2 Facebook Bootleg groups, One for Video and one for Audio, We share daily and have Filmers, Editors and even Cover art designers in the groups that help out a lot. Right now its mostly Kiss stuff but we are wanting all Rock & Metal to be posted there too. We use Dropbox, Google Drive...
  17. Bootleg Requests
    Coming up on AXS Channel 10/9. For whatever reason, my Comcast still carries MTV, but not this channel. Thanks, in advance for anyone that can capture and upload. :icon_head
  18. Video Bootlegs
    Audience Video Recording Time: ~100min. Machines Intro Tear It Up Tie Your Mother Down Under Pressure Somebody To Love Killer Queen Seven Seas Of Rhye Keep Yourself Alive Liar Impromptu It's A Hard Life / Vocal Improvisation Dragon Attack Now I'm Here Is This The World We Created? Love Of My...
  19. Video Bootlegs
    This is Muddy Waters at the North Sea Jazz Festival July 15th,1979-it is an MP4 video file. It is a small file, but very good video and audio quality. It will burn nicely to a dvd-r and looks great on my 50 inch LG TV set. Of course it is the 4:3 aspect ratio. I got this off youtube, but it...
  20. Bootleg Requests
    Would anybody be so Rockabilly kind to upload the following 2 VIDEO shows from Robert Gordon with Link Wray Rockpalast Koln Germany 1978 Musikladen 1978