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  1. Bootlegs
    Hi people, I promised something big and now it's here, it's a compilation of the best of the 90s with remastered songs, plus a video with most of the songs including a double camera version of Yokohama 1991 created by me, I hope you like it and enjoy it! Audio: The Best of the 90s Video...
  2. Bootlegs
    hello again people, today I come with something very small because I've been tired during the last days but I promise a big thing is coming, but now I just bring a single that I create with three versions of Something which are the Trilogy version, The Last London Concert and the last time it...
  3. Bootlegs
    Hello people, I'm back with another remastering of the penultimate performance at Radio City in NY, the cover is mine, enjoy.
  4. Bootlegs
    Hello people, I bring you a remastering that I made to the concert of September 26, 1991 in pompeii, due to its 30 years I have made a new cover and I hope you like it. Frank Sinatra In Pompeii 91
  5. Elvis Bootlegs!eI4CxZRR!Xajh3gRDZzJzM9Y5zN_skA just a tryout of my long play album from Golden Archives label :woot: (it jumps at first track!)
1-5 of 5 Results