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  1. Music Hall
    We hear our top song in the Johnny Cash​ Song Countdown, plus more with our interview with WS "Fluke" Holland​ as well as rockers from Gene Vincent, Imelda May​, The Polecats​, FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS​, Rhythm Sofie, Chuck Berry​ and more on this week's Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour...
  2. Music Hall
    Part 2 of our interview with drummer WS "Fluke" Holland​ (Carl Perkins​, Johnny Cash​) as we discuss Million Dollar Quartet, early Sun Records days travel, drums on the Grand Ole Opry, etc. Plus, we continue our "Favorite Johnny Cash Song Countdown" hearing #15-11 and The Hillbilly Moon...
  3. Music Hall
    WS "Fluke" Holland, former drummer for Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, joins us for the 1st of 4 shows. We also begin our "Favorite Johnny Cash Song Countdown" as well as brand new songs from The Mavericks, The Planet Rockers, Pokey LaFarge, a new "Ask The Clowns" segment with Reach Around Rodeo...
1-3 of 3 Results