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  1. The Lounge
    Hello everyone, the last moon of 11-14-16 was special because it was 14% bigger and bright. That night I recorded 3 videos with a super zoom, I hope you like it. Greetings and thanks !
  2. The Guitar Rack
    I want to buy an effect with about 100 dollars, and I need help with it. I have chosen 2 models and I wanna buy one of em but I really don't know which one is better , I have an ibanez GSA6 Jumpstart Package , so my amp is what is in that package. An ibanez amp. I would be thankful if someone...
  3. MP3s - Originals
    I got inspired to write a heavy fuckin mosh pit friendly tune last night so I fired up Reaper so I could program Addictive Drums for my MIDI drum file. I usually transfer that over to Cubase SX3 and dump AD's outputs to their own separate tracks totally dry. Well I am not quite ready to do the...
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Here is a soundboard show from LA's finest. It was broadcast on the radio just weeks after the release of the LP "More Fun in the New World" from My Father's Place in Rosalyn, NY. 1. True Love (incomplete) 2. In This House I Call Home 3. Hungry Wolf 4. The New World 5. Universal Corner 6. True...